Mom’s Night Out by Goyer

Is there such a thing as Stay-at-home-mom Crisis? I think there is. And if you are one or know one then you know how amazingly hard it is to be one. How do you cope and thrive? That’s the story of Mom’s Night Out.

Moms’ Night Out
Novelization by Tricia Goyer
Screenwriten by Jon Erwin, Andrew Erwin, Andrea Nasfell
B&H Books
April 2014

Allyson is unhappy. She always wanted to be a mom but now that she is she finds that her daily grind and the daily responsibilities to her kids is weighing her down. To cope she thinks that she needs to get out and have fun away from her family. High heels and all girls. No responsibilities. And of course it goes wrong.

Unlike similar humorous films and books, this one never finds itself lost in drugs, sexual misconduct, or scandals. Rather, the ladies find themselves on a trail of mishap ending with Allyson finding the true value of being a mother.

Critics have said that this story sets women back in time and traps them in a repressed world where they don’t have jobs. Clearly the issue here is that some critics don’t understand that being a mom is a job. And one where she works harder and longer hours than any of the critics. The issue of importance comes to mind: is it really more valuable to society or individuals to work an hourly job (many of which result in below poverty line earnings) under a boss where you may have to do things you wouldn’t want to do or is it more empowering to be your own boss, responsibile for raising children to be valuable pieces of society, and saving money by cutting costs for day care, eating out, gas, and home care?

This is a feel good story of a woman who ultimately recognizing her value doesn’t have to do with her job or her daily work – but in who she is and how she is loved. It is a modern, female version of It’s a Wonderful Life with more humor.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.