Messiah: Origin by Dorff, Arey and Carpenter

Part translation, part interpretation and all art. Messiah is amazing!

Messiah: Origin
Written by Matt Dorff and Mark Arey
Illustrated by Kai Carpenter
November 2013

The first in a series, this fully illustrated retelling of the life of Christ starts with his birth and young childhood. Dorff and Arey stay close to the Bible manuscripts but reinterpret them to go along with outstanding artwork by Carpenter.

The art is where this really shines. The illustrations are so powerful they are emotionally moving. Visually breathing new life in to the birth of Christ.

I would have prefered a less formal interpretation but that is such a very minor complaint. I recommend it to anyone who loves the Word, loves art and may be looking for something truly different.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.