Meet the Bigfeet by Sherry

bigfeetBlizz Richards misses his yeti family reunion but with George Vanquist, self styled cryptozoologist, on the prowl for pics of bigfoot can it be risked?

Meet the Bigfeet
The Yeti Files 1
by Kevin Sherry
September 2014

The family get togethers ended when Vanquist got a pic of fellow yeti Brian. Now everyone is too afraid to get together and no one knows where Brian is. Blizz and his pals travel across the globe to find Brian, get the family back together and avoid Vanquist.

The story is fully illustrated (greyshade watercolor) it looks suitably comical. Characters are wild and wacky and sometimes overly so. Vanquist is called “evil” but until the very end when he [SPOILERS] mistreats his dog and threatens to send him to the pound do we see why he would be considered evil. Prior to that, he was simply a human looking to take pictures of a bigfoot, which doesn’t seem evil at all. [END SPOILERS]

Reading level solidly 2nd to 5th with very few long or difficult words. I provided this book to my son, who is in second grade, and he had no trouble reading the words. He did have some trouble finishing it because it just wasn’t very interesting. While it is an easy read, it really isn’t an exciting read. The story bounces between the elf/goblin parts to the wolf parts to the yeti parts to Vanquist with little or no explanation as to why it jumps so frequently. It seems scattered and in the end there is no lesson learned, no character development, and very little excitement.

This is a numbered series with the second book, about the Loch Ness monster, set up on the final pages. But unless it is more exciting and more happens I’m not sure this series will be successful.

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