Love in Disguise by Cox

Ever wonder what God has in store for you? Ever wonder why God would let something bad happen?

Love in Disguise
by Carol Cox
Bethany House
June 2012

That is what Ellie Moore was thinking when she lost her current job as an actress assistant. What should she do? She had some money saved up but it wasn’t enough to get her through. She didn’t even have a place to stay. There weren’t many job offering for an assistant with her skill either. Even though she is down, jobless and down to her last penny, Ellie continues to try. Then, she overhears the Pinkerton Agency discussing how they need a new detective.

The Pinkerton Agency is in the middle of dealing with high thief in Arizona and with no available detectives, they’re not sure how to follow up with their demands. When Ellie walks into their office and offers herself for the position, they are reluctant but decide to give her one chance to prove herself. After all, she would be in a partnership with a more experience detective. Ellie figured it would be easy to be a detective with her prior acting skills. However, Ellie never thought her partner would fall in love and not come along.

When Ellie lands in Arizona, she is disguised as Lavinia Stewart and ready to begin her journey. After she settles into her temporary home, she decides to start walking around and seeing she is disguised as an old lady, she figures she can ask questions and only be considered a noisy old lady. When she finally meets Steven Pierce, she claims she is on an adventure and is interested in investing into his mine. This gives her the open door to ask questions about the mine and determined where she should begin her investigation. When the time arises, she finds the need to disguise herself as Lavinia’s beautiful niece, Jessie Monroe. With this new personality, she is more accepted with different groups of people than Lavinia. But when the thieves get more determined neither Lavinia nor Jessie is safe and with time getting short, her job and her life are on the line.

I couldn’t put down this book once I began it. The thrilling suspense always has you wondering, what’s next? Then it keeps you thinking once you have to take a break. Carole Cox is a fantastic writer who uses history to turn this book into a must have. I recommend this book to anyone. It is suitable for all generations. I will be saving this for when my daughter is older, in hopes she will still love to read.

Brittney Dodson is a stay at home mom who also works from home. She find reading free her from reality and the worries it brings.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.