Live Blog: Opening Night #WizardWorld Comic Con Nashville

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia) and David Mason as we blog everything that happens on opening night of Comic Con Nashville! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! On tap tonight: opening ceremonies, cosplay and a bunch of quick hit interviews with artists and writers. Coverage starts at 9/26 at 7 pm Central. Tune in for updates!

admin September 26, 201411:05 pm

On the way True Believers! Comic Con coverage in 30! Make sure to follow @BookGateway on Twitter for Cosplay and pics. Keep this page open for updates.

admin September 26, 201411:51 pm

Here! Live coverage begins now!

admin September 26, 201411:58 pm

Just checked out Microsoft ‘ s booth and played Sunset Overdrive. Fun game. A little hard to control. Pics on @bookgateway.

admin September 27, 201412:05 am

Walking down artist row. Lots of cosplayers so far!

admin September 27, 201412:06 am

Michael Golden sighting! Walking Dead cover artist.

admin September 27, 201412:32 am

Just did a great interview with Robert and Shawn Lamb Filmation artists and writers of the Allon series of books. Interview up soon.

admin September 27, 201412:47 am

Time to speak to artist Mike McKone.

admin September 27, 20141:05 am

Great interview with Mike McKone. Posting ASAP.

admin September 27, 20141:06 am

Bunch more pics @bookgateway add the first night closes. Check them out and don’t forget to follow tomorrow as we have a whole day of good stuff. (Can you say “Captain Kirk? ” Ah yeah!)

admin September 27, 20141:19 am

On the way out one of our favorite authors A.J. Scudiere from Griffin Ink dropped a couple new books in our hands for upcoming reviews. They’ve won a couple Bookys over the years.

admin September 27, 20141:20 am

That’s it for opening night. A little low key compared to last year. Tomorrow should be sweet! See you then! Excelsior!

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