Live Blog: Day 2 #WizardWorld Comic Con Nashville

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia) and David Mason as we blog everything that happens on day 2 of Comic Con Nashville! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! On tap tonight: Q&A with creators and actors for the Walking Dead, Star Trek, WWE, interviews with artists and writers, and cosplay photos. Coverage starts 9/27 at 1 pm Central. Tune in for updates!

admin September 27, 20144:47 pm

On the way to day 2! Super excited about the panels and all the talent we are gonna see and share with you today!

admin September 27, 20146:18 pm

Cosplayers in the house on day 2! Watch @bookgateway for pics.

admin September 27, 20146:29 pm

Just saw Sgt Slaughter, Iron Man and more. Pics @bookgateway on twitter.

admin September 27, 20146:32 pm

Holy Crap! It’s Captain Kirk telling stories!

admin September 27, 20146:33 pm

“Call you Groovy?” Shatner asks a questioner. “You’re old. I’ll call you Awesome. “

admin September 27, 20146:36 pm

Favorite character? “The actor takes himself to any role. I’m not the same as I was yesterday. Everything changes… what I was doing Star Trek it was 50 years ago! At the moment I’m performing I’ll do the best I can with what I’ve got. Ten years later is do it differently because I’m a different person. So to pick a favorite character it can’t be done.”

admin September 27, 20146:42 pm

“JJ Abrams calls me… then he never calls back. Maybe it’s a trick. Maybe it’s TMZ. So he calls. He’s shooting… the other one. Star Wars. The director, he says, has had an idea… he says you can’t tell anyone. I say I won’t. I get back and it’s all over the Internet. The news is out that they might want Leonard Nimoy and me in the next movie but I don’t know how.” – William Shatner

admin September 27, 20146:46 pm

“That’s the way I tried to play Captain Kirk… when you’re looking at death. We’re all gonna die. I’m going first. The mystery of what happens is always there. We tend to sit it if because it makes us nervous. Two things happen. We get scared then we appreciate life. How was I gonna play the death of Captain Kirk? The same way he lived.” – William Shatner

admin September 27, 20146:47 pm

“What would you rather be doing than going to school? ” Shatner asks an 11 year old. “I’d rather be in Star Trek.” “So would I!” Says Shatner

admin September 27, 20146:51 pm

“In Star Trek 2…” someone starts to ask about. Shatner interrupts, “Which one was that?” Pause. “Was that the one with Khan?” he asks, then yells, “Khan!”

admin September 27, 20147:06 pm

Done with Shatner. On to speed dating. Yeah we’re curious.

admin September 27, 20147:08 pm

So here’s how it works: three minutes then rotate. Track the numbers of who you like. At the end you (boys) put your contact info on a paper for the number of the girl you dig. If they also liked you they’ll call. (How many dudes put their number on every girls form?)

admin September 27, 20147:09 pm

Honestly looks like they were all having a good time. The moderator days that a ton of real relationships including marriage and engagements spawned (pun!) from this. Check them or at

admin September 27, 20147:11 pm

Off to the floor till Kane at 245.

admin September 27, 20147:29 pm

Michael Rooker and Jon Bernthal spotted. Walking Dead represented. (Literally by dead characters.) Still no Image / Skybound comic artists though.

admin September 27, 20148:00 pm

Q&A with Kane of WWE. Some good stuff. Quote of the session: I should have thought up more interesting stories. Yep.

admin September 27, 20148:05 pm

Wrestlemania 30. Interrupting Mr T. What was that like? – David Mason (

The day before I’m at the gym at hotel. Mr T comes over and introduces himself and son to me. Next night I kick him off the stage during his speech. Interrupted Roddy Piper too. So if you’re an 80s pop culture icon you have cross hair on your back and I’m the guy to take care of you. – Kane

admin September 27, 20148:06 pm

Back to the floor. Time to talk to some artists.

admin September 27, 20148:20 pm

Just inherited the creator of Rogue, Bucky O’Hara and legendary artist of Micronaughts Michael Golden. Will post soon. FYI brother: they are my comics.

admin September 27, 20148:39 pm

Just stopped by Jason Hewitt’s table whew this 13 year old has written a Minecraft novel Depleting Ore. Very impressive! I’ll post a review ASAP.

admin September 27, 20148:45 pm

Star Trek TNG actors all around. Just first bumped Jonathan Frakes.

admin September 27, 20148:49 pm

Yeah I’m wearing my Star Trek shirt. Frakes is the director of some of the best movies and shows on TV.

admin September 27, 20149:07 pm

So there’s a psychic energy reading place here. I was wondering who would pay for that nonsense. Then I see a dude with a gold cross prominently around his neck purchasing their services. Apparently he is undecided.

admin September 27, 20149:35 pm

Just met some authors from Permitted Press. All apocalyptic stories? I’m in!

admin September 27, 20149:36 pm

Shatner was moved up to 1 today so that leaves… well nothing really tonight. So floor and cosplay and day 2 is in the books.

admin September 27, 20149:47 pm

That’s it! Day 2 coverage comes to an end. Interviews and more pics coming tonight and tomorrow.

admin September 28, 20141:37 am

“In Star Trek 2…” someone starts to ask about. Shatner interrupts, “Which one was that?” Pause. “Was that the one with Khan?” he asks, then yells, “Khan!”

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