Live Blog: Opening Night 2015 #WizardWorld Comic Con Nashville

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2015 live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia) David Mason (resident comics-know-it-all), and David Warren (photo and videographer) as we blog everything that happens on opening night of Comic Con Nashville 2015! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! Video will also be posted nightly on our YouTube channel. On tap tonight: Strong Female Characters roundtable, Roman Reigns from WWE, cosplay and a bunch of quick hit interviews with artists and writers. Coverage starts at 9/25 at 6 pm Central. Tune in for updates! (OPEN THIS PAGE TO VIEW BLOG)

admin September 25, 201511:00 pm

Here! About to enter the exhibition floor on a rainy night in Nashville! Let’s see what there is to see. 

admin September 25, 201511:01 pm

Just saw She-Ra! Follow @Bookgateway on twitter for pics. 

admin September 25, 201511:04 pm

This is new: people are getting tattoos right on the floor. 

admin September 25, 201511:21 pm

At Artist’s Row.  Some good looking stuff. Ash Man looks good. All digital paint inside. Bri Art is all water color and paint characters. 

admin September 25, 201511:23 pm

Larry Cathey, Heycat Comics, is painting his ink! #OldSchool

admin September 25, 201511:32 pm

Artist Row is light on big names this year. But lots of self published and local. 

admin September 25, 201511:33 pm

Larry Freaking Elmore!

admin September 26, 201512:33 am

Just completed a 45 minute interview with the man who first painted almost all the Dragonlance characters (like Raistlin, Sturm and Tasslehoff) and Drizzt from Forgotten Realms. Can’t wait to write it up. 

admin September 26, 201512:35 am

On our way to Strong Female Characters panel. We should have video of that whole thing for you on our YouTube channel tomorrow.  (EDIT. Here it is: )

admin September 26, 201512:42 am

Panelists are talking about strong female characters, but very little discussion about how many of these women are overly sexualized. They talked X-Men, like Psylock and Storm, but nothing about them wearing clothes. 

admin September 26, 201512:49 am

I wonder: Is flipping the script to have a woman save a man equality or the same error but from the opposite end of the spectrum? 

admin September 26, 201512:55 am

Waiting on WWE’s Roman Reigns. Our own David Mason is in line with a question. Can’t wait for that! 

admin September 26, 20151:04 am

So cute that a kid has a question. (Does he know this is entertainment?)

admin September 26, 20151:06 am

Q: Which Diva is most under rated?

A: I think they are all under rated. I know what it feels like first hand.

admin September 26, 20151:09 am

Roman has helped me as an illustrator. – a lady. #thatmakessense

admin September 26, 20151:30 am

Our own David Mason is up! Q: any of the veterans that you haven’t had a chance to wrestle that you want to?

A: Undertaker. 

admin September 26, 20151:53 am

That’s it for day one! Check back tomorrow for more! 

admin September 28, 20158:38 pm

Our own David Mason is up! Q: any of the veterans that you haven’t had a chance to wrestle that you want to?

A: Undertaker. 

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