Live Blog: Day 2, 2017 #WizardWorld Comic Con

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2017 live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia) David Mason (resident comics-know-it-all), and David Warren (photo and videographer) as we blog everything that happens on during Day 2 of Comic Con Nashville 2017! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! Video will also be posted next day on our YouTube channel. On tap today: Whedonverse cosplay, Saturday morning cartoons, Batman the Animated Series, Star Wars cosplay, Harry Potter, Firefly cast reunion, and more!


admin September 9, 201710:16 pm

They aren’t here… Maybe tomorrow. Time to wrap this up with some shopping.

admin September 9, 20179:55 pm

Time to go get a couple more interviews. This time with comics creators.

admin September 9, 20179:54 pm

Great panel!

admin September 9, 20179:40 pm

I just thought at the end of my life I won’t look back and miss the jobs I didn’t take, but I would miss not being there for my son. So I’m just doing the best I can as his mommy. – Jewel Staite

admin September 9, 20179:31 pm

We will have full video of the reunion posted to our YouTube channel. So much fun for fans!

admin September 9, 20179:15 pm

Summer Glau, Jewel Stairs, and Sean Maher!!

admin September 9, 20178:48 pm

Now it’s time to go to the Firefly reunion!!!

admin September 9, 20178:48 pm

Great panel on the history of Marvel. Full video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

admin September 9, 20177:24 pm

Quick interview with Hacksaw Jim Duggan! Will post ASAP.

admin September 9, 20176:51 pm

Mighty Marvel Trivia Contest in 30.

admin September 9, 20176:49 pm

A good question (video later) but importantly: Kevin Conroy’s voice saying “Swear to me!” betterthanchristianbale

admin September 9, 20176:43 pm

Our own David Mason is about to get to the front of the line to ask a question.

admin September 9, 20176:40 pm

“Working with Adam West was such a pleasure. He was such a gentleman.” – Kevin Conroy

admin September 9, 20176:38 pm

“Being in the recording room with Mark Hammil as the Joker is to take your life in your hands… He becomes the Joker!” – Kevin Conroy

admin September 9, 20176:22 pm

We are back up at wizardworld for Day 2. First stop: 25th Anniversary of Batman the Animated Series.

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