Live Blog: Day 2, 2015 #WizardWorld Comic Con Nashville

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2015 live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia) David Mason (resident comics-know-it-all), and David Warren (photo and videographer) as we blog everything that happens on during Day 2 of Comic Con Nashville 2015! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! Video will also be posted next day on our YouTube channel. On tap today: Behind the Scenes of CW’s The Flash with Candice Patton, Inside Firefly with Staite and Baldwin, Machete Don’t Text with Danny Trejo, the Dukes of Hazzard reunion, the cosplay contest and a bunch of quick hit interviews with artists and writers. Coverage starts at 9/26 at 12 pm Central. Tune in for updates! (OPEN THIS PAGE TO VIEW BLOG)