Live Blog: Day 2, 2015 #WizardWorld Comic Con Nashville

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2015 live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia) David Mason (resident comics-know-it-all), and David Warren (photo and videographer) as we blog everything that happens on during Day 2 of Comic Con Nashville 2015! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! Video will also be posted next day on our YouTube channel. On tap today: Behind the Scenes of CW’s The Flash with Candice Patton, Inside Firefly with Staite and Baldwin, Machete Don’t Text with Danny Trejo, the Dukes of Hazzard reunion, the cosplay contest and a bunch of quick hit interviews with artists and writers. Coverage starts at 9/26 at 12 pm Central. Tune in for updates! (OPEN THIS PAGE TO VIEW BLOG)

admin September 26, 20155:13 pm

Back on day 2! David Warren is with me as we make our way to the Davidson Ballroom to see Candice Patton (Iris, Flash)!

admin September 26, 20155:25 pm

Couple updates for our coverage today: David Mason had to beg off today, so expect a couple fewer interviews with artists.

admin September 26, 20155:30 pm

After Candice Patton, we are off to a Firefly panel with Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin at 130. Then the exhibition floor and then finally the Dukes of Hazzard Reunion at 330.

admin September 26, 20155:31 pm

Candice is up. Never been to Nashville? Well be back next week for a charity 5k. (EDIT. Check out the video here: )

admin September 26, 20155:33 pm

Iris is now a part of Team Flash now that she knows who the Flash is. Some conflict of interest since she is a reporter. 

admin September 26, 20155:35 pm

There will be three Flashes this season. Wally is coming and been cast. Momma West is coming this season. 

admin September 26, 20155:38 pm

Reverse Flash is the enemy in season 2. (Again? Ugh.)

admin September 26, 20155:40 pm

Barry and Iris have an iconic love. One that stands the test of time. (Um.)

admin September 26, 20155:42 pm

Q: Season 2 is the season of the West’s?

Candice: There will be more family aspect more. More back ground on Iris and her mother. The Role of Wally West. We are on episode 8 so far. I’m told that 2.03 was Iris focused and excellent.

admin September 26, 20155:46 pm

Q: How about the different universes for TV and movies for DC?

Candice: It’s out of my pay grade. I think they are different and there is room for both.

admin September 26, 20155:49 pm

Yes, there will be more crossovers this season. 

admin September 26, 20155:53 pm

Q: What will be the role of Tom Cavanagh in season 2?

Candice: I’m not sure what I can say without getting in to trouble. Tom the actor is not gone. With multiveres and timelines anything is possible. 

admin September 26, 20155:55 pm

Q: How do you address diversification of characters from comics to TV?

Candice: I don’t address it. Those people don’t have the power to make those decisions. Otherwise, stories would look the same for generations and that would be boring. 

admin September 26, 20155:57 pm

Candice continuing about diversity of existing characters: To those who don’t want to see it happen: too bad. It’s going to happen.

admin September 26, 20156:35 pm

FIREFLY! Yeah, I’m pumped. It’s about to start. Staite and Baldwin will be awesome. I’ll have about 20 minutes of video to post on it tomorrow as well. Because loves you. 

admin September 26, 20156:42 pm

Finally starting! Jewel is pregnant. Adam is slacking in a printed T and ball cap. (EDIT. check out the video here: )

admin September 26, 20156:47 pm

Q: Would you switch with Chuck to get the Intersect?

Adam: No. I’d rather be the guy in control of the Intersect. It would have been jumping the shark to have Casey with the Intersect.

admin September 26, 20156:51 pm

Q: Has anyone ever gone far over the line with the fandom and made you uncomfortable?

Jewel: Nothing scary.

Adam: Nathan doesn’t like people putting their arms around his ribs. They dig in. He hates it. So do that to him.

admin September 26, 20156:55 pm

Q: Why do you always play onery characters like Jane and Casey?

Adam: Security! Be quiet!

admin September 26, 20156:57 pm

Q: Practical jokes?

Jewel: The show didn’t last very long.  Everything was Nathan. Even if they weren’t funny. Nathan really thinks he’s funny. If you want him to like you laugh at all his jokes. And don’t put your arm around his ribs.

admin September 26, 20157:01 pm

Q: With crowd funding can we get more Firefly?

Jewel: Legal issues.

Adam: It would be up to Joss – if he wanted to he could probably get it done. But he said that it was beautiful as it was. Didn’t want to sully it.

Me: So no.

admin September 26, 20157:04 pm

Did you keep anything? Nathan gave me the Kaylee’s Room sign and the hammock from the engine room. They should have been mine! – Jewel. I took all kinds of stuff and auctioned it for charity. – Adam

admin September 26, 20157:08 pm

Q: Favorite guest spots?

Jewel: Warehouse 13.

Adam: Castle – I’m reprising and start filming that role on Monday with Nathan. Angel. Bones.

admin September 26, 20157:12 pm

Q: Where would you go with your characters after Serenity?

Jewel: I always said I wanted Kaylee to have a baby. But now I wouldn’t put her through that… Now, Mal loses money and gets in trouble and loses the ship and I take over.

Adam: We always were fascinated by Jane’s mother. Betty White… Joss doesn’t like this idea, but I think it’s so right. Jane would take up with Inara and they would have babies.

Jewel: You’ve been talking about Jane and Inara since we were filming.

Adam: Do you blame me?

admin September 26, 20157:18 pm

Almost done. This is the best panel I’ve seen at Nashville Comic Con out of the three years is been in existence. To think: Nathan Fillion was supposed to be here. 🙁

admin September 26, 20157:21 pm

Adam: We should have been on Wednesday night at 8 or 9 instead of Fast Lane or John Doe.

Jewel: Do you remember those shows? They don’t have a convention.


admin September 26, 20158:47 pm

Spent a bunch of time on the exhibition floor. Checked out some great local artists, lots of cosplay (watch @BookGateway on Twitter), and booked an interview to discuss further some of the Strong Female Characters stuff from yesterday’s panel. Also bought some great art from my favorite fantasy artist Larry Elmore. 

admin September 26, 20158:51 pm

At the Dukes of Hazzard panel. Plan to upload about 10 minutes of video tomorrow. These guys are rolling. (EDIT. Check the video out here: )

admin September 26, 20158:54 pm

Q: Do you feel you are being boxed in by your faith/ being in faith-based films?

A: [JS] I have to be true to my design. My design is dark, disturbing… Faithy people don’t like that… I like to think if something I’m doing is wrong He, or She, will tell me.

(Faith? Asked and answered.)

admin September 26, 201510:14 pm

Time to step out. Year 3 was good, with great highlights like the Firefly panel and Larry Elmore, but was lacking in a big name (like Shatner (year 2), or Stan Lee(year 1)), and had significantly fewer studio artists. Someone said Baltimore had a comic con this weekend. If true, there’s the answer. Now home to upload video, post pictures to Twitter and transcribe interviews! 

admin September 28, 20158:49 pm

Q: Did you keep anything?

Jewel: Nathan gave me the Kaylee’s Room sign and the hammock from the engine room. They should have been mine!

Adam: I took all kinds of stuff and auctioned it for charity.

admin September 28, 20158:55 pm

Candice: There will be three Flashes this season. Wally is coming and been cast. Momma West is coming this season. 

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