Live Blog: Day 1, 2017 #WizardWorld Comic Con

Welcome to’s Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2017 live blog! Join me (Scott Asher @ashertopia), and David Mason (resident comics-know-it-all) as we blog everything that happens on during Day 1 of Comic Con Nashville 2017! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @BookGateway and #WizardWorld! Video will also be posted next day on our YouTube channel. On tap today: Opening thoughts, CinemaSins, DC Cosplay, voice actors, writing fantasy, and more!


admin September 8, 20176:23 pm

Getting ready to go to Nashville! excited! Live blog coverage will begin at 6pm Central.

admin September 8, 201711:03 pm

Checked in and ready to rock!

admin September 8, 201711:34 pm

Just got made a fool of by Nichelle Nichols. 😉

admin September 9, 201712:04 am

Lots of local artistand self publishers.

admin September 9, 201712:04 am

If you aren’t you should: check us out on Instagram @BookGateway

admin September 9, 201712:14 am

Done with the show room. Light attendance tonight so not a lot of cosplay. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a ton of pictures for you!

admin September 9, 201712:19 am

Listening to How to Write Comics and Graphic Novels with Danny Fingeroth, Joe Casey, and Victor Dandridge.

admin September 9, 201712:39 am

Some great quotes from this panel re: Todd McFarlane and Image. Watch for our upcoming transcript.

admin September 9, 201712:44 am

Other micro interviews we will publish ASAP: Aly Malchalka on transitioning to adult star from child star and faith in Hollywood, Lou Ferrigno on the original Hulk, Nichelle Nichols on whether or not William Shatner is crazy and Star Trek at 51.

admin September 9, 201712:56 am

Things are winding down. Heading back up for a quick last run through.

admin September 9, 20171:35 am

Unashamedly buying up $0.50 Teen Titans books. It is comic con.

admin September 9, 20171:44 am

That’s it! Time for bed. See you tomorrow for Day 2.

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