Lit! by Tony Reinke

There are tons of books that call Christians to live intentionally: have a plan, have a goal, work towards that goal. Mostly, these books deal with intentional Bible reading, church going, loving neighbors and so on. I’ve read books on how to watch movies, but I’d never seen a book focused on reading intentionally until now.

A Christian Guide to Reading Books
by Tony Reinke
September 2011

Reinke takes reading and breaks it down to the basics then builds up a case for reading as a way to find divine truth. The first several chapters (Part 1) are spent on the so-called basics of Christianity, including the author’s testimony, and an orthodox break down of Christian theology. This is important to building the firm foundation we need when approaching sources of information (both from “Christians” and “non-Christians.”)

Part 2 is all about fleshing out the subtitle of this book: a Christian Guide to Reading Books. (Since the book hasn’t given its life to Christ, I recommend instead “A Christian’s Guide to Reading Books” hence the title of this review.) Here Reinke spends time giving advice on how to read, what to read, how to decide what to read and so on. He make the case that if the average reader spent an hour a day on reading we could have read his book 2.5 times in a single week. As a big believer in reading being a requirement for continued human growth, this resonated with me. I found his comments about using an e-Reader to be too much opinion based on his experience and detrimental to his overall message. After all, if reading is a discipline we should develop then we can approach any reading device (paperback or eReader) with the same discipline. And I’ve found that many people who would not carry around a book will carry around their eReader.

This is a book that is a must read for all Christians who want to flex their brain muscles and live intentionally interacting with and understanding the culture around them as well as preparing for those interactions. A smart and well written love letter to reading in general and a call to read better. Highly recommended.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.