Legends by Scudiere

Africian Legend: Lanada Landa – a big cat – leopard – that roams the earth bringing deadly disease to all he touches.

Legends: The Landa Landa & The Aellai
By A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink
January 2019

Dalena is a scientist working in Africa helping the people and looking for a cure for the deadly diseases that plague the nation. There is never enough money, medical supplies, food, and especially not enough biohazard suits. Hers is held together by duck tape. Something must be done and she has the solution. She needed the African people to stop believing in the Landa Landa and the Americas to start believing in it.

Dalena filled the needle with the relatively pure Ebola virus and plunged it in her arm. Twenty-one days and nothing. She was immune. Now she is ready to put her plan into action. Flying to the states she went from state to state affecting people with a deadly virus.

Dalena started having dreams about the Landa Landa. She followed the big cat as he roamed the neighborhood leaving destruction in its wake. She is so restless at night and very tired in the morning. What is happening?

Is it just a dream or is she the Landa Landa? Impossible – it is just a legend or is it?

It’s time to go back to Aficia. Texting Brenna that she is on her way reveals they must return to the states. There is a an outbreak of the Ebola virus. Now maybe they will listen to her plea for help.

Aellai – a creature that controls the wind – whirlwind?

Delana and Brenna arrive in the states and are immediately taken to CDC laboratory. They immediately set to work to tried to isolate the virus and determine which strain it is. Brenna and Delana are quarantined. Something is happening. Brenna watched as her own hands disintegrated. As her body changed, she hear her mother’s voice – Aellai … You are the Aellai.

Dalana and Brenna are undergoing changes they can’t quite explain. Brenna takes after a runaway infected individual. He is fast, but she is faster. How did she do it? Waiting and watching Brenna is a man dressed in black.. He tells her he is Paladian. He called her Whirlwind. Dalana is also changing.

Is the legend true. Is Dalana the Landa Landa and Brenna the Aellia? Or is it just an African Legend?

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for BookGateway.com and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

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