Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane

Not everyone has an opportunity to go to seminary but every Christian should learn to study the Word. Andy Deane’s book fills that gap. Deane gives no less than 40 methods of studying the Bible with illustrations and diagrams showing how he moved from a verse or passage to an application.

Learn to Study the Bible
by Andy Deane
April 2009

I have had an opportunity to study Biblical exegesis at the university level and can say that this book is a more concise and helpful tool than many of the convoluted texts I was made to purchase and read. I thoroughly enjoyed his direct approach to the studies. You want to find out what Jesus would really do? How about you use the Twenty Jesus Questions section or the 5 Ps method where you can quickly understand and apply what Jesus said and how we are to use that information in decision making today.

Bottom line: this is an impressive book! Deane takes readers step by step through learning to faithfully exegete Scripture at their own pace. This is the next best thing to a seminary or university degree. It is practical Biblical studies and I recommend it highly for all believers.

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