Larrabee’s Luck by McBride Choate

Johanna Kellerman runs a small independent horse training ranch. Her father had let the ranch go downhill after the death of her mother. Johanna is slowly bringing it back to its former self. She is working on a shoestring budget with very limited help. To add to her problems one of her men has quit to go work far a larger ranch that would pay him more money. She is desperately in need of a horse trainer, but isn’t sure if she will be able to afford one.

Larrabee’s Luck
Jane McBride Choate
Montlake Romance
January 2013

Johanna’s prayers are answered when Cade Larrabee shows up looking for a job. Cade has a way with horses and can do almost any job that he is asked to do. Cade is being blackmailed by his former Union Commanding Officer General Victor Wingate to spy on Johanna.

Johanna’s mother was an unwed 16 year old girl whose brother had forced her to give up the baby to save the family’s reputation. Johanna was given to the Kellerman family by missionaries passing through the area. After both her parents passed away Johanna was determined to be one of the best horse trainers in the area.

Cade proved to be even better at training horses than Johanna had hoped for. But there was just something about Cade that her foreman and best friend didn’t trust. Johanna was beginning to develop feelings for Cade, but she soon discovered he was not what he pretended to be.

Johanna’s world came crashing down the day that General Wingate came to visit and told her Cade Larrabee was hired to find her and get close to her. Johanna’s biological mother was looking for her. General Wingate had blackmailed Cade into finding her in order to prevent his sister from locating her. He had planned to tell her that he was unable to locate Johanna, pay her off and that would be the end of it. But Cade had a plan to outsmart Wingate.

Can she ever believe anything Cade tells her again? Will she get to meet her biological mother and will they become friends?

Ms.Choate get an amazing job in portraying Johanna and Cade. I certainly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

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