Kaplan ACT Premier 2016

act premiereI have found that nothing is more stressful to a college bound high schooler than taking the ACT. My oldest is a junior and has taken the ACT and taken practice ACT through her school and each time it’s a lot of prep and stress. I got this book to help with the stress, but I found that this book will intimidated the heck out of her! Adding to the stress, rather than diffusing it.

Kaplan ACT Premier 2016
2nd Edition
Kaplan Publishing
June 2015

This book is gigantic, complex & frankly contains way too much information. It’s several years worth of schooling crammed into one huge tome. If a poor kid tried to read this start to finish, let alone attempted to complete all of the practice tests, it would require most of a whole school year. This is NOT a last minute thing, this should be considered additional tutoring for your student while they are in class every day. For the fastest results, I recommend setting up practice tests once a month with study time in between and even that will take you 9 months.

What I do like about this book and the online portions is that this book will give a good insight as to what to expect as far as what the exam may look like, and provide clear areas of focus to improve scores, but I found that you’re seriously going to freak your kid out even more if you plop this behemoth down in front of them! (Yes, my daughter, 16, who is a high achiever at a magnet school was so intimidated by it that she wouldn’t even pick it up on her own for most of the last month I’ve had it and been working through it.) I would recommend taking one of the practice tests (if your kid hasn’t yet) and then flipping through the book to that portion to do the practice and worksheets to improve that area. Maybe retake once, but I don’t know if I recommend doing this 8 times.

On the whole, I agree with my daughter that this massive book and 8 tests is overkill. But it is useful, even if you don’t use all of it.

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