Justice by Scudiere

JusticeSin is a warrior, a trained assassin, a former police officer and the daughter of a Crime Lord.
In Book 1 Vengeance, Sin’s family is assassinated by the Kurevs Crime Family, leaving she and her sister alone. At age 12, Sin swore vengeance on the entire family. She would kill each and every person in the family and in the worse way possible. Thus, Sin began her training to become the best and seek her revenge.

The Sin Trilogy 3
A. J. Scudiere
Gryffin Ink
October 2015

In Book 2 Retribution, Sin meets and teams up with Lee. As a team they become unstoppable. No one even remotely connected with the Kurevs family is safe from them. These assassinations drew the attention of FBI Special Agent Owen Dunham who spent his entire career trying to capture them. He dubbed them the “Red Ribbon Bandits” as they always left their victims tied up in a big red bow, Sin and Lee eventually fell of the grid and retired to a small cabin in the mountains in a place that doesn’t exist on any map. They continued to train and hone their skills just in case they were every located.

In Book 3 Justice, Sin and Lee’s quiet lives take a very unexpected turn. In the middle of the night two trained assassins invade the cabin. Sin escapes but Lee is no where to be found. Sin visits all the places they were to meet should they ever be detected, but Lee is not any of these places. Sin must located Lee at all cost. His very live depends on it. This is a job, however, that she can’t do alone. She must seek help. Perhaps her brother Nick will help. She has keep in touch with him in the past and at one time worked together as Police Officers for a small community. Nick is the head of a rival crime family, but no one is aware of this, and he is also one of the Kurevs family as they all have the same father. Perhaps ex-Special Agent Owen Dunham would help, but how could she contact him and still remain free to look for Lee? Agent Dunham had retired, stopped looking for her and became a friend of sorts.

Their efforts to locate Lee leads to an interesting, intriguing and exciting journey. Sin is aware that the remaining Kurevs brothers are her brothers as well as Nick’s , but this makes no differences to Sin. She will locate Lee and terminate the brothers or die trying. She must find Lee alive and tell him the good news. She is pregnant. Will Lee be pleased or dismayed? Their live is no life for a child.

Will Sin, Nick and Owen Dunham locate Lee in time to save his life or will they all die at the hands of assassins sent by the Kruevs brothers? Read this intriguing, page turner book to find the answers.
Ms. Scudiere is an excellent writer. She keeps you on the tip of your seat, reading far into the night. Her books are ones that you have a hard time putting down and will remember long after you have finished them, These books are keepers for sure. Can’t wait for Book 4 in the Sin Trilogy.

I recommend you read the following books written by A. J. Scudiere and my review of them. If you are not a fan of Scudiere you will be after reading her books.

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