Jesus Today by Young & Fortner

jesustoday“Rest and hope go together – like macaroni and cheese, cookies and milk, you and Me.” (p44)

Jesus Today
Devotion for Kids
by Sarah Young
adapted by Tama Fortner
Tommy Nelson

There has been some controversy surrounding Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and associated works because of the way that she writes in the first person as Jesus. There can be danger in this kind of activity, but there isn’t automatically danger here. In fact, in almost every sermon you’ll ever hear you will experience a similar activity by the pastor concerning what God says or is saying. Sometimes it is reworded to be first person, like, “Jesus is saying, ‘I’m here for you and will help you,'” and sometimes it is kept in third person, “God is saying that he will carry your burdens if you will cast them upon him…”

I’m being generic here, but let me give you an example from page 114, “Because you belong to Me, I’ll guard your heart and mind with My peace. Let My peace control your thinking-and always be thankful.” Verses accompanying this daily devotional include Colossians 3:15, Psalm 18:30 and, of course, Philippians 4:6-7. All this to say, that so long as Sarah Young is paraphrasing Jesus in line with Scripture then we shouldn’t have an issue. I didn’t see anything that put up a red flag.

Each daily devotional is clear and short, which is perfect for kids, and comes with two to three accompanying Bible passages. Most of the topics are about how God loves us, is there for us, wants us to follow him and is a safe place for us. Tama Fortner did a very good job making sure that the topics and reading level were appropriate for younger kids.

As for me, I liked this devotional and my kids do as well.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.