iShine Bible by Tyndale

A bible for teens, the iShine Bible is a New Living Translation version of the Bible with three full color sections (in Joshua, Proverbs and Malachi,) with four pages of information dealing with the topics What Matters to You?, Who Are You?, and Why Are You Here?

iShine Bible
February 2011

Using scripture to back up well reasoned, quick bite answers to these questions fits the goal of the publisher nicely. Tyndale pulls in some young artists, apparently cross promoting them, to help sell the coolness of the sections. Each section also has a QR code (the square UPC codes with a bunch of lines on them – if you haven’t seen them yet, you will soon… and everywhere) that is supposed to send the reader to a website with a video talking about the same subject and a music video by the featured artists.

There are two versions of the Bible: one for girls in pinks and one for boys in grey and gold. The inside portions are exactly the same though and go to the same links via QR.

First I wan’t to mention that when I got these from the publisher my daughters started fighting over who would get them. Kids and teens will love these. But the problem is justifying the purchase of another teen Bible when this one adds so little content. Why are there only three sections of special teen information when a normal student or teen study Bible is filled with additional information? Why is Tyndale marketing QR codes that must be read by a Smartphone to a teen when most parent don’t want their teens to have $500 Smartphones and their accompanying data plans?

Unfortunately, the QR codes didn’t always work either. I scanned with a Droid 2 and a Thunderbolt and got the urls easily. But only one of the three urls played for me. The other two said that I couldn’t view them in my browser! I used Dolphin HD, the standard Android browser and Firefox and none worked. Why would a url that is made for a Smartphone not work on a Smartphone? I had to view the videos on a PC.

I love the New Living Translation, the size of the Bible, the colors and the featured content (when working). If your teen doesn’t have a Bible yet, this may be a good pick up. If they do then pass on this one. Get a real teen study Bible with a lot more content.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.