Interview: Lou Ferrigno

At Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2017, Day 1, David Mason had an opportunity to ask Lou Ferrigno a few questions specifically about Pumping Iron, the 1977 documentary featuring Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his time as the Hulk (TV and TV movies).

David: Thinking back to your time working on the Incredible Hulk – how was that experience for you as far as going from Pumping Iron?

Lou: The Hulk was fourteen hours a day of makeup. An hour and a half to take it off.

David: I read that Arnold was up for that but he wasn’t tall enough or big enough?

Lou: No, I was better for the part. I was a lot bigger.

David: I saw that the two of you at the reunion [Pumping Iron: the 25th Anniversary c. 2006]. Do you and Arnold keep in touch at all?

Lou: I see Arnold all the time.

David: I am a big fan of the [Hulk] show. I heard you were going to make a fourth?

Lou: Yeah, but then Bill [Bixby] passed away [in 1993]. The name of the show was going to be “The Revenge of the Hulk” but Bill passed on.

David: Thank you very much!