Interview: Aly Malchaka

At Wizard World Comic Con Nashville 2017, Day 1, Scott Asher had an opportunity to speak briefly with Aly Malchaka (of Aly & AJ (Disney) stardom as well as a reoccurring lead role on iZombie (2015) as Liv’s BFF Peyton Charles) about trasitioning from child star to adult star and faith in Hollywood.

As I introduced myself to Aly I was surprised by the graciousness she showed as she welcomed me to the interview and even shook my hand – something most celebrities don’t do. My first experience with Aly was in the film Cow Belles (2006) – a Disney TV movie that my then young daughters made me watch over and over. My daughters love Aly & AJ (even now as High Schooler and College student!) One of the things they liked (and my wife and I did too since we are always looking for wholesome entertainment and good role models) is that both actresses were Christians.

Scott: My daughters would love to be here right now!

Aly: Awww.

Scott: One of the things my daughters told me that was great about you as a role model was that you and your sister are Christians. Is that true?

Aly: Yeah.

Scott: So, what’s that like being a Christian in Hollywood?

Aly: I think it’s a rarity, but we’ve always been very outspoken about our faith. It’s just one of those things that, you know, it doesn’t necessarily affect anybody because if you’re just cool with it and you’re fine… no one’s really ever bothered me about it. Everyone can have their own beliefs and we can all be cool with that.

Scott: Have you ever had to turn down roles because of your faith?

Aly: Uh, sometimes. Rarely. It’s never really been anything negative for us. If anything it’s been a positive.

Scott: Thank you. You guys were childhood stars and yet, you’re not doing drugs and stuff…

Aly: [laughed] No.

Scott: How did you successfully transition from child star to adult star when it seems like so many people didn’t make that change well?

Aly: I think probably because AJ and I have always been very close and we rely on each other. It’s helped, you know, in not getting us off that path. Obviously, we are not perfect – we’re humans – but we always try to hold each other with a certain amount of accountability. I think, yeah, having each other was a really important part of us staying focused on our craft and not getting involved in all those other things.

Scott: Thank you so much! I appreciate your time.