Indivisible by Thrasher

Darren and Heather Turner shared a passion for serving God. Darren felt there was something lacking in how he was serving God. After listening to a speech by President George Bush about the surge of boots-on-the-ground needed in Iraq, he knew at that moment that this was what he wanted to do. He wanted to bring Faith and confidence in Christ into a place of war.

by Travis Thrasher
Thomas Nelson
October 2018

Darren joined the Army and moved his family to Fort Stewart. After taking a few weeks to process into the Army, he knew he would soon be deployed to Iraq. The day came for deployment and he left his his family for his new position as chaplain to an infantry group.

Being Chaplin to a group of men who were fighting to stay alive, believers and non-believers, was not an easy job. Darren became friends with his men as they patrolled the desert looking for insurgents. As they continued to lose comrades in a never ending battle, Darren became more and more despondent as he conducted memorial services for the fallen.

At home Heather was fighting a battle of her own. She had her three children to raise all on her own while giving moral support to the wives who had lost their husbands. Having occasional phone calls with Darren just wasn’t doing it. She really needed him home, but that was not to be for quite a while.

What was left of the group was finally going home. But Darren was a different man from the one that had left 15 months ago. He was suffering from PTSD, angry all of the time and felt guilty because he had survived and so many of the others had not. Heather too had changed over the months he had been deployed. How would she and the kids interact with him once that he was home.

Darren is having a hard time adjusting to life away from the war zone. He is not the man that Heather married and Heather is not the woman that Darren married. They now face the biggest battle – to save their marriage.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The author clearly brought the horrors of war and what it did to two families being separated for a long period.

Highly recommended to all readers.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

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