Hot Buttons Series by O’Dell

Hot-Buttons-booksParents of teens can use all the help they can get. That’s where this new series of topical help guides aims to fill those needs.

Hot Buttons Series
(Bullying and Image Editions)
Nicole O’Dell
September 2013

Kregel sent two of the series to me for review: Bullying and Image Editions. (They also publish Hot Button books on other topics like Internet, Sexuality, Dating, 30-Day Challenge, and Drug Editions.) The books are written by a well known talk radio and author who specializes in parent/ child relationships. As if having six children of her own wasn’t enough reason to respect her opinions!

Each book in the series starts with exploring the issue (with chapters on Why, When and How) then moves in to particulars on how to reach and teach your child to respond appropriately in situations surrounding the Hot Buttons. Each book is timely and doesn’t feel dated (like so many parenting books do). We deal with real current even stuff like Cyberbullying, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders and such and then move in to part three of each book: strategies.

I really liked how relevant these topics are to today’s teen. Reading the strategies – filled with Biblical references and responses – came across as genuine and helpful not preachy or tired. And if you think your child isn’t going through these struggles then you need them more than most parents. These struggles are real and prevalent.

Each book is less than $10 on Amazon and well worth the price.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.