Has God Spoken? by Hank Hanegraaff

Seldom has a more timely book come across my desk at a more opportune time as this one did!

Has God Spoken?
Proof of the Bible’s Divine Inspiration
by Hank Hanegraaff
Thomas Nelson
August 2011

One thing that Hanegraaff does that can turn some off on his radio show is that he sometimes speaks over the head of his callers. A failure at times to lower his vocabulary to the level of his audience. I’m sure he has his reasons, but whatever the reason this book doesn’t suffer with the same issues. It is easy to read, easy to digest, easy to understand and easy to remember.

Hanegraaff is renowned for the memorization techniques employed in his writings and this book likewise was written in a way that makes it easier to remember the arguments in favor of the “Bible being divine rather than human in origen.” Even phrases like that one (taken directly from the author,) are drilled into the reader in Hanegraaff’s repetitive writing style so that any read will retain more from this book than most.

The book covers manuscript evidence, textual criticism, reading the Bible as literature, Archaeology and more and it does it very well. In fact on several occasions I wondered what Old and New Testament 101 would have been like with these topics rather than the sometimes bland introductions and overviews we got in Bible school! Not only is this more interesting, but in this day when the Bible is under constant attack this book may be more relevant that a debate on the author of Hebrews or the textual criticism of the Pentateuch.

Which brings me to the only flaw into the book: not enough direct answers to critics of the Bible. I know that’s not the point of the project but that’s a book we need just as much. Many times Hanegraaff shows the failure by critics like Dr. Bart Ehrman but I’d like to see a book of rebuttals. Maybe Hanegraaff can work on that for his next project.

This is a timely, engrossing and well written overview of why the Bible is trustworthy and can be legitimately viewed as the direct revelation of God without blind faith or avoiding tough questions. Very highly recommended.

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