Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love NIV Bible for Teen Girls

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Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love NIV Bible for Teen Girls
October 2015

When reviewing a Bible I think it’s important to differentiate between the content of the Bible translation and the additional content added to make it specific. The NIV is one of the most trusted and most scholarly translations available and has been for several decades. What I’m reviewing today is the additional content added specifically for teen girls and whether or not I believe it adds value. The short answer is yes.

Another short answer on why I think this version is value added: I’ve never seen my 12 year old daughter get into a Bible as much as she has been with this. There are a dozen book marks and after only about 3 weeks she’s made this book look very well used. We both love the full pink pages with excepts from books called Growing in Faith Hope Love, which are short devotionals based on passages in the book that is being read. For instance, my daughter has book marked “You Are Enough” from Jeremiah 33:3 where she read about how, like the Prodigal, so-called friends may abandon you but we shouldn’t accept the lie that they left because we weren’t enough. God says you are valuable. You are enough. (The passage is from a Zondervan book The Bare Naked Truth by Bekah Hamrick Martin (2013).)

I also like the memory verses that are highlighted in the text (like Psalm 139:16) and the chapter start pages that answer important questions like when it happened who was in the book, key passages and a quick overview. NOTE: the dates are taken from majority late dating standards, which many scholars may not agree with. For instance, Revelation shows A.D. 90 as the date it was written when many scholars believe, like I do, that Revelation could not have been written prior to A.D. 70. Whatever. It’s still a great resource and most of the dates aren’t make-or-break issues anyway.

Any Bible that actually grabs the attention of the intended audience and gets them reading is a winner in my opinion. This book does it for my daughter and so I’m sold.

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