Goose by Siragusa and Yeager

Tony Siragusa, “Goose,” is all over the place since retirement. He’s got Man Cave on TV, is on the sidelines for Fox for football games, and now he’s getting in to books. The question is whether we want this much of the guy. The answer is likely, “yes!”

The Outrageous Life & Times of a Football Guy
by Tony Siragusa and Don Yeager
Crown Archetype
September 2012

Goose goes through the obligatory upbringing stories and how he overcame challenges to get to the NFL from college. But what you and I want to know has everything to do with the behind the scenes stuff in the NFL. We want to know what really goes on. And frankly, we get it. To the point where I wondered if the author understood the bridges he was burning in sharing this info.

For fans who want the dirt, you’ll get info on how players would pass urine testing in the NFL with clean urine and a catheder, and you’ll get what really goes on under the pile fighting for a fumble. You’ll also get a ton of Siragusa’s wit, charm and (unfortunately) his pride and arrogance.

In fact, it is in these “I’m so awesome I can walk in to the workout room and pick up 400 lbs just to show I can” stories that the book really bogs down. This author is hilarious and doesn’t need to tell us how great he is, and when he spends time doing it I can’t help wonder if he is simply bragging because that’s the kind of person he is or if he is trying to “build his brand.” He also had a full chapter on cheating and seemed to relish in how he took advantage of the refs and other players by pushing the boundaries as much as possible to win. It seemed like the same rational was used by those who used steroids (which he never did): Everyone else is doing it so to compete I gotta do it. I’m not sure why he put so much into these parts of the book. Whatever the reason, I skipped over these after a while and got to the more funny parts.

Like what? I laughed out loud when he told the first story of when he lined up and messed with the offense by yelling out “Hut!” How he played pranks on people. Basically, the parts that showed that this man’s true brand is the funny, John Madden-light (if you can say that about him) guy on the sidelines. Not the cheating, self agrandizing guy he wrote about in the book.

With all the faults, I have to say that I was surpised by how much I enjoyed reading this book. I intended to pick it up for a few minutes and ended up reading it in one sitting. It was insightful, well written and very funny at times. NFL fans will want to grab this one.

Note: This book has a ton of cuss words in it ranging from basic all the way to F-bombs. It also has some derogatory terms that I won’t repeat. If this is something you are sensitive about you may want to avoid it.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.