Gods at War by Idleman

The one sin that most people would say they don’t commit is the one that everyone does. All the time. Idolatry.

All In
Kyle Idleman
February 2013

We read about Idols in the Bible. We read about poles, and mountain top monuments, temples to other gods. We read about “doing evil in the Lord’s sight” which is another way of saying “worshipped other gods.” But we American Christians don’t think much on what forms Idolatry may take in our current era. How might they? Love. Comfort. Money. Self.

Idleman’s follow-up to the immensely impactful Not a Fan with another book that can and should change lives. When I started reading this I got to Comfort, the first Idol uncovered, and literally put the book down and didn’t pick it back up again for months. I was so convicted. In fact, I was so convicted by this book that I ended up teaching it to adults at church where it also changed lives.

Gods at War is a book that sheds light on a dark part of our lives that we have somehow kept hidden even while openly admitting to other sins. Idolatry just isn’t as well understood in our culture as other sins. We don’t understand how Idolatry is the heart of the other sins we fight against. But if we heed the words of this work we will understand it far too well; uncomfortably well.

This book will change your life. If you let it.

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