Ghosted #5

ghosted5When we left off (issue 4) the thief was possessed, the videographers were dead, the group was trapped and surrounded by ghosts and darkness had fallen. Pretty grim, huh?

Ghosted #5
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Goran Sudzuka and Miroslav Mrva
Skybound / Image
November 2013

[MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUND] In this issue, we find Jackson fighting with Anderson fighting – really fighting, with guns and knives – as the depth of her allegiance to Markus is fully displayed but not fully explained. The medium, skeptic and the thief all make it out alive after a plot twist towards revenge ends the battle and the storyline.

This is the issue that finally wraps up the “steal a ghost” storyline – and let’s face it, how long could it last anyway? Five issues is probably two too many as it wasn’t a deep or particularly satisfying story. It was filled with gotcha moments and despicable acts that only really took off in issues 3 and 4 when we started to see survival horror aspects come in to play. But then it just ends almost like the story was cut short. Why not continue the story and have the ghosts pick off a few more characters, one after the other, if we are going for horror? Have you ever read a horror story where the characters find themselves in a bind, a few immediately die, then the rest – all the rest – make a deal with the ghosts and then live? Yeah, me either.

One other thing that bugs me about this far too quickly over story is how Jackson is stabbed with a knife that is longer than Anderson’s head and neck are tall through his left back, level with his heart, causing him to fall down stairs only to sit up and continue talking and then somehow at the end has no injury. I’ve reread it. There is no explanation. The whole story feels so quickly mashed together that a lot is unexplained.

Why did the ghosts want to kill anyone since they were just victims of Markus and quickly placated? Why did the ghosts try to hang Jackson in issue 4? Why was there a portal to Hell in issues 2, 3 but nothing else came of it? What was the point of having a skeptic or a thief in the story at all? If the medium could just put the mask on and find out the truth about Markus why didn’t she do it in issue 1? Why would Rusnak become a Maury Povich? But the writer get’s to do whatever they want and while I don’t get it I don’t have to. But I should enjoy it and I really didn’t.

The best and only reason to read this story has always been Jackson. And in the end, we see we may finally get what we want. After the epilogue we see him living out his life six months later on the beach. He’s ignoring his past as a thief avoiding the repercussions of his past. He gets to use his gun. He’s cool. He’s basically a sorta Thief of Thieves lite. Even the artwork – which is more vibrant and cartoony than the dark, grungy look of the first 5 issues – is more enjoyable. I’m actually looking forward to issue 6 and seeing where the story goes. [END SPOILERS]

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