Fresh off the Boat by Huang

Eddie Huang is best known as a rising chef, a blogger provocateur, and the founder of Boahaus in New York. Eddie Huang is an Asian-American who has defied every “model minority” stereotype. This book is an inspiring story about family, identify and finding a place to belong.

Fresh off the Boat
by Eddie Huang
Spiegel & Grau
January 2013

He was a kid who did not respect authority. got into trouble easily because of his attitude, and did not get along with his mad family. His father always seem to put him down and his mother yelled a lot. He was/is a bright person, but did not always use common sense. The book is a lot about food. Food seemed to be Eddie’s anchor – lifeline.

The book was interesting, but I didn’t like it. The language is very filthy – too much – did not need. This foul language seems to distract from the real story. Eddie appears to be a person with a large chip on his shoulder and a very filthy mouth. Let’s hope his blog is a lot cleaner than his book.

Not recommended.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.