Fortune Gray by Scudiere

This is Rafe’s Story.

Fortune (Gray)
By A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink
April 2018

[SPOILERS] Rafe’s world would never be the same. Today he had buried his wife and twin daughters. To forget, he had crawled into the bottom of a bottle. Getting sober after several years, he began questioning exactly what had happened on that fatal day. One minute Sarah was alive and the next minute she was gone. The doctor had told them the twins had serious medical problems and needed many surgeries. Dr. Angela Vincent had taken the girls away and he never saw them again.

Sarah has an open casket, but the girl’s were closed. Why two? Why were they not put in with Sarah? Why were their caskets closed? He needed answers. Thus began Rafe’s journey.

First stop was the cemetery. What a shocker. The tiny caskets were empty. Where were his daughters? After three long years of extensive research he had some answers. Today was the day he had waited so long for.

News Report: Fortune Flores, an 8 year old girl, has been kidnapped from her front yard.

She came to him, unafraid, carrying a small suitcase, and with a smile. Hi Rafe – where are we going? On an adventure, he replied, closing the car door.

And what an adventure they had. For ten daya he enjoyed spending time with his daughter. Trips to many zoos, eating pancakes, living in cheap motels, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures to fill her Adventure Book. Changing their appearance and staying under the radar. He couldn’t let the FBI find them before it was time to take her home.

He never doubted for a minute that this beautiful, intriguing girl was his daughter. But which one – Julie Bell or Ashley Claire – or a combination of both? After all, they were identical twins.

Their time was over. Time to see Fortune safely home.

Several days later two alleged FBI Agents were waiting for him. They had found him. Just as he recognized Dr. Angela Vincent, he heard a pop, felt the searing burst of heat. He had been shot.

They thought he had lost, but he had won. He had found his FORTUNE!!!

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

This book was provided by the publisher for review.

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