Flame of Resistence by Groot

It’s occupied France, the year of 1944 when Tom Jaeger, a downed American pilot finds himself being taken into the custody of French resistance conspirators. Upon recovering from his wounds, he finds he is to aid the resistance, known as the Flame, in a plan to retrieve details about the various guarded bridges.

Flame of Resistance
By Tracy Groot
Tyndale House
May 2012

Posing as a German officer, he is sent to meet Brigitte Durand. Brigitte, also resistance, runs a Germans-only brothel. Certainly when Tom signed up for this war he could never have known his job would include spending time with a prostitute.

But as their relationship heats up, so does the trail leading to Flame itself. With spies everywhere, suddenly they find their situation has been compromised. And the Millice, the French equivalent to the German Gestapo, will stop at nothing until they uncover all those involved.

Racing to cover their tracks, they can only stand back helpless as those they love are being captured. Can they put a stop to what they have started before everyone has to pay a price? Suddenly a very unlikely group of friends begins to grasp not only at saving their lives, but hopes also for the promise of love.

I really liked this book! Always a fan of historical fiction, I especially enjoyed this one as I love anything old French. The author has a very easy reading style that weaves an exciting story mingled with ever interesting war history. I loved all the characters and all the details she included. I will definitely be acquiring more of this author’s books!

Heather Ring says that books are her plane ticket into another world, “I’d feel lost with out them. Reading is a part of me. However I am also an avid lover of the outdoors and pouring into my creative outlets. But I think my biggest passion, is spending time with my family and friends.”

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.