Finding Noah

Finding NoahAdventure. Quest. Fizzles.

Finding Noah
Brent Baum
October 2015

This documentary film follows a group of archaeologists, theologians, and Ark hunting explorers as they go on an expedition to Mount Ararat to find evidence of Noah’s Ark. The explorers make the trek up the mountain, use sonic technology to find evidence of wood coveted in pitch under the ice.

There are some interesting sections of the film, like the previous sightings of the ark throughout history. The different explorer’s lives are interesting as well, although there isn’t a lot of background info for each most likely because there are so many different people in the film. Also because of the large cast it can be hard to keep up with names.

[SPOILERS] Ark hunting is obviously a labor of love for these people. But the question I’m left with at the end isn’t whether or not there is evidence of Noah’s Ark, but whether or not I want to watch people I don’t know spend a lot of time on a mountain with very little resolution. Don’t read on of you don’t want to know – and I did mention this section contains spoilers – but this film goes no where. It shouldn’t even be called “Finding Noah” as nothing is found and Noah isn’t what they are looking for anyway, it’s the Ark. [END SPOILERS]

As far as documentaries go, this is interesting and covers information about Ararat and the surrounding area that are useful and insightful. I’m an avid watcher of documentaries, but wasn’t for me.

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