Farm Fresh Southern Cooking by Algood

It’s 70 degrees with an early evening summer breeze. The trees in the garden are dancing with glowing lanterns. Large picnic tables, simply dressed, rest in the shade of the branches. On the patio, family and friends eagerly await the cuisine that has yet to grace the tables. Suddenly senses come alive as platters of food float past the hungry crowd in the hands of the preparers.

Farm Fresh Southern Cooking
by Tammy Algood
Thomas Nelson Publishers
April 2012

A cacophony of smells waft from the tables as craw fish-stuffed mushrooms, fruit salsa, roasted eggplant dip, golden brown goat cheese medallions and roasted bacon pecans begin to clutter the once simple cloth. Guests begin to ‘mmm’ and ‘ahh’ as the food slowly disappears from the dishes. But don’t get full yet, these are just the appetizers.

Replacing the now empty wares, the second course has made its way past the delighted and expectant faces. Cold summer peach soup, coconut corn fritters, mashed potato patties and garlic spinach sauté are just a few of the sumptuous dishes inviting more bellies to growl. Just wait till the breads come out! Fresh chive spoon bread, dried pear bacon bread, revival strawberry bread and blue cheese biscuits.
By now the Sun’s rays paired with a delectable feast, have caused mouths to long for refreshment. And just in time, beads of sweat drip from the chilled Southern breeze cantaloupe limeades and the Just Peachy frozen cocktails, as they float around the circle on laden platters.
No detail is overlooked as the entrees finally make their appearance. There will be none left wanting for more after this veritable feast. The table begins to groan under the weight of the Skillet fried chicken, sassy pecan and beet sandwiches, spiced lentil chili, nut-crusted catfish and spiced pork pot pie.

Dig into the bucket of local chilled wines, because this magical evening of feasting is yet to be over. No one can have this kind of spread without topping it off with decadent desserts. And here they come! Caramel-drizzled apple pie, sweet on you persimmon fudge, hot apricots foster, plum-centered picnic bars and bourbon pecan clusters.

Sit back, get comfortable, let the breeze whisper in your ear and enjoy your company, because a night like this is meant to be repeated.

This cookbook is fantastic! As someone who cooks on a daily basis, it’s always great to get fresh ideas. Not only are the recipes exquisite, they are fairly simple. I love the added hints, and the vibrant colors of the book. It is very well laid out, and even gives information on local markets. Everything about the book this pleasing. Much more than I was expecting when I ordered this. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who even remotely cooks. My only fear is the few friends I know who will be trying to steal this from my kitchen!

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.