Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Cue Party Cookbook

Today is Labor Day and if your BBQ skills are lacking and your guests underwhelmed it’s time to get help. Why not get help from one of the most famous and most awarded grill masters ever? You won’t be disappointed.

Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Cue Party Cookbook
Secrets of a BBQ Legend!
by Famous Dave Anderson
Famous Dave Anderson / Self
June 2013

Most cookbooks I’ve read and used tend to be dry descriptions with (possibly) a small picture to show you what you’re working towards. Not this one. At 264 pages – all full color – you get way more than you expect here. (Kinda like the restaurant of the same name.) Everything from appetizers (like Smokin’ Dragons, which are bacon wrapped jalapeños,) to salads (including my favorite Fruit Salsa Dip with Cinnamon Chips,) to sandwiches and burgers to sides (like Southwest Creamy Mac N Cheese with three different peppers) to Entrées (yes, the ribs are in here!) to desserts and even drinks! This cookbook is full to the brim with great ideas.

Not just great ideas about food ingredients but also how-to. Consider the hamburgers. I thought I knew hamburgers. But Anderson shows how to prep the meat (loose not patted tight) with pictures, how to grill, when to add ingredients and so on. Way more helpful than your standard cookbook. Want to know how to prep for a real smoked meal? Directions including size of wood and how long to soak for the best taste are included. Very thorough for all skill levels.

I’m not usually a big fan of cookbooks and I don’t normally go for restaurant tie-ins. But this is a top notch cookbook that anyone who grills out or loves BBQ would enjoy and find very useful.

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