Family Christian Store Giveaway

familyFamily Christian Store is a nonprofit online and physical store that sells Christian and family books, music, movies, decor and apparel. If you’ve visited a local Christian book store you’ve seen the types of products for sale. I was invited to try out the online store and to share my experience. Normally this kind of post is not a good match for this site’s readers. However, because of the mission of this organization (and their offer of a chance to win a gift card for our readers!) I made an exception.

The first thing you notice when visiting us that there seem to always be discounts: 20% off of you receive email or text alerts, BOGO 50%, $10 off $50 with code all shoe in the first page. You’ll value those as the process of products tend to be priced higher than non-Christian Stores.

I looked through knickknacks and books and noticed a trend to focus highly on current movie tie ins. It’s what sells are what people want so it makes sense even if those things are not something I personally like. There is a lot to like, though, for anyone who enjoys Christian music or books.

After checking out the store I looked at the most important page on the site: the about page. It’s incredibly impressive. From donating bibles to people in countries that don’t have access or can’t afford to supporting orphans, like in Haiti, and adoptions to supporting missions trips to provide shoes, fix homes, install stoves and more to storm clean up Family Christian Stores is making a difference.

This is a small site with a limited selection that costs more than Amazon or Walmart. When you know that the additional price you’re paying for a book goes to communities in need, however, it makes it easier to pay.

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This post was sponsored by Family Christian store.