Exposure by Askew and Helmes

Skye Kingston, a shy girl who hides behind her camera more often than not, is a typical teen novel protagonist. She’s gorgeous, but doesn’t know it. She’s terrified by the high school “royalty”, and even has the common crush on the hot, jock, Craig. Everything seems like the happy, mundane usual high school life for Skye, until a boy named Duncan dies at a party.

A Twisted Lit Novel
By Kim Askew and Amy Helmes
Merit Press
January 2013

During a game of flashlight tag in the woods, he goes missing, and the police find his body the next day- with signs of foul play. After Skye overhears a suspicious conversation between Beth, Craig’s crazy girlfriend, and Craig, her whole world is turned upside down.

This book is a modern retake on Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth. As one of the few youth who have read Macbeth, I found this book hilarious. Small hints and allusions to Macbeth made this heart-stopping mystery even more enjoyable. Such cleverly placed similarities include: Craig Mackenzie, called “Mac” by his team mates, to Macbeth himself. There are obviously many others, but part of the fun of reading this book is finding the allusions and comparisons. This book does include cussing. EX: the “S-word” appears very frequently (at least once per chapter, and that’s being conservative). Taking that into mind I’d recommend this book to teens, depending on maturity levels of the individual, maybe sophomores and up for most parents. However, considering g the fact that worse conduct in books has been discussed and read by my peers, 8th grade or 7th grade may be more feasible. Again, parent’s discretion.

I also would highly recommend reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth before reading this so you can find those hidden laughs throughout the story. If it seems too “old timey” or “lame” then read this first, and then the play. You’ll want to after you read Exposure.

Arieltopia, Young Adult Editor, is an 12 year old avid reader – usually going through a book a day – who gives readers a unique perspective on Young Adult, Teen Fiction, along with adult fiction: an actual teenager’s perspective.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.