Does God Exist? from Focus on the Family

Normally at we books for review from publishers but occasionally they will send us a DVD set to check out. This is one of those times. Tyndale and Focus on the Family launched a new line of DVD training / seminars for college age viewers focused on answering questions about the fundamentals of the Christian faith and in an effort to build a deeper and more trustworthy faith. This is volume one in that series.

Does God Exist?
Building the Scientific Case
by Focus on the Family

Dr. Stephen Meyer, of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture is a Cambridge University trained doctor of history and philosophy of science, is the main speaker and the video is filmed on a set created to look like and function as a classroom. His teaching style is to question ideas and share philosophies with the students and allow interaction and conclusions to come by way of conversation. The viewers learn by watching the natural progression of thought.

Meyer focuses on topics having to do with science, something that Christians aren’t always as open to as they should be, like, the Big Bang, DNA, and what he calls the “moral necessity of theism.” Obviously all these topics are from the Christian perspective and while Meyer is most likely a fundamentalist he doesn’t focus on inter-Christian divisive issues like young earth creationism or local flood and the like. As such, Meyer does a better job of staying on topic and educating instead of inciting as so many Christian’s who speak on this topic do. The set comes with two DVDs and a 60+ page full color booklet that can be used to follow along with the teaching.

Meyer and Focus on the Family do an admiral job working through the issue of whether or not science supports the possibility of a god. My only concern is that I felt like I was in a classroom in college where I had to take notes but couldn’t ask questions. To resolve this concern, the information and conversation would be great as a starting point in a small group or classroom. This would allow for conversation and digestion of the information instead of just having it handed to you.

Does God Exists? is a very well made and intellectually honest DVD set with a well respected and educated facilitator that Christians who are interested in how to reconcile science with religion should pick up and then work with a group to watch. I highly recommend it as a group discussion vehicle or small group curriculum.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.