Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell

Scout Donovan’s world has just been turned upside down.  Her calm Kentucky life is no more, and she’s been thrust into the world of Shifters and Seers without warning.  And it started with a boy.

Destiny Binds
by Tammy Blackwell
Createspace Independent
March 2011

Scout is entering her Senior year when Alex Cole saunters into her AP Calculus class at Lake County High School.  Having run across Alex and his older brother the day before, Scout isn’t in any mood to deal with the cute new guy.

When Alex tries to get closer to Scout, she does her best to push him away.  And that works…temporarily.

A few months later, Alex and Scout are teamed together on a writing assignment, much to the chagrin of  her bother Jase and lifelong friend Charlie.   The more time they spend together, the more she likes him, and the less her brother and Charlie seem to resemble to easy-going guys they used to be.   Scout asks questions,for which she never receives answers.

And then, on a school trip, Scout gets an answer that she wasn’t expecting.   The class gets stuck in Nashville during a trip to watch The Taming of the Shrew.   It’s that night that changes everything, because Alex changes…into a wolf.

As their relationship deepens, Scout begins to learn more and more about shifter dynamics and surprises are around every corner.

As the story continues, Tammy Blackwell takes you deeper and deeper into the world of The Timberwolves.  You learn about their culture and their hierarchies in a story that builds their world without the drudgery that exists in the debut novels for some writers.

Blackwell’s writing is amazing.  It is apparent that she has experience with the age group about whom she is writing.  Scout is witty and snarky, exactly what you’d expect from a girl her age.  She is in turn experienced and naive, never sounding like she’s just a vehicle for an adult voice.

Blackwell is also adept at building the environment in her story as well.  Even if you aren’t a Kentucky native (as I am), she easily transports you to the state.  You feel as though you are an active particpant in her story, not just an observer.

Strong characters and a strong story leave the reader wanting more; luckily, this is the start of a series that has been written and for which there will be further installments.   This novel lands solidly on the repeat read list.

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Unlike most of my review books, Destiny Binds was purchased by me and was not provided as a review copy.  It’s that good.