Date Your Wife by Buzzard

Another book on how men are constantly inept and can’t figure out how to meet the needs of women? Not interested? I don’t blame you. As a man, I’ve kinda had enough. Woman are hard enough to understand without a bunch of books blaming us. Fortunately, this is not that type of book.

Date Your Wife
by Justin Buzzard
June 2012

It is also not a book with a bunch of ideas but no context. It isn’t about spending money to make her happy either. This is about how to view marriage through the same lense God views you in relationship: through grace. Since men are supposed to sacrifice for their wife like Jesus sacrificed for his Church this is exactly right.

The author takes us through our misconceptions about marriage and marriage roles and where we get it wrong but never plays the blame game. He then moves directly to how to get it right and gives positive insight into making changes and decisions to build a relationship based on grace and the Gospel instead of a works-righteousness type relationship so many other books focus on. (And that type we always fail.)

This is a great little book. (Little is the right term: it is smaller than paperback and only a little over a hundred pages, so this is almost gift book sized. Or pocket sized for us men who are reading it without wanting our spouses or others to know we are.) I recommend it to men who are interested in a good relationship, not a good brow beating.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.