Crazy Stories Sane God by Turner

Crazy-Stories-Sane-GodThere are ton of really weird stories in the Bible. As a reader we have two options: ignore the weird and focus on the clear and easy or try to figure out the point of the weird.

Crazy Stories Sane God
by John Alan Turner
B&H Books
March 2014

Turner obviously goes with option two taking off the wall stories (literally in the case of the writing on the wall) and, starting with the fundamental idea that every story in the Bible is there for a reason, attempts to answer the question of value. What is the point? What are the Biblical authors trying to teach? The book deals with quite a few stories that readers of the Bible may have read or skimmed and then, devotion style, explains a possible reason for it being there.

We may be tempted to assume that all the stories would be from the Old Testament, but New Testament stories are included as well. So we get stories like talking donkeys, Moses’ son’s circumcision, Job and God’s debate, Ezekiel’s visions and so on next to stories like demons in pigs, and Ananais and Sapphira.

In most every instance, Turner does a good job of tying the story to the bigger revelation of God and how many of them are foreshadowing Christ and his life. Some, like Moses’ son’s foreskin, seem strained – I think he could have gone with propitiation via blood instead of covenant relationship, but I quibble.

This is a solid book that deals with tough stories and provides viable answers for parts of the Bible that most of us ignore. I recommend it.

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