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The Vigilante’s Bride by Yvonne Harris

Emily McCarthy had no choice but to leave all she knows and travel to Montana by train to marry a man she doesn’t know. She is trying her best to realize she has no other choice when she is suddenly kidnapped on the stagecoach while it is being robbed. The man who kidnaps her does it because he feels he is saving her from a horrible marriage to an old man who he knows personally as unkind and abusive. She is not amused, but the story unfolds into a love story of two people who were not expecting to find love in the mist of the wild cattle range of Montana.
I enjoyed this book. It was a romance story with adventure and kept my interest throughout. I would recommend this book.

This book was free from the publisher.

In Every Heartbeat by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Libby, Pete, and Bennett are three friends who are just starting college and trying to figure life out. All three were raised in an orphanage and each has different dreams to follow. Libby’s dream of becoming a journalist takes her into Pete’s past which cause Libby and Pete to rethink their dreams and goals. Bennett struggles with trying to figure out his place when he sees that his friends Libby and Pete seem to have a focus.
This book was not one of my favorites. I thought the story line was sometimes drawn out instead of keeping my interest and moving along. In the end, it does have a great message about submitting your life to God’s will. Overall is was an okay read.

This book was free from the publisher.

The Thorn by Beverly Lewis

As always, Beverly Lewis does not disappoint and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in the series.
Hen fell in love with an English man and married without any family present . As she watches her daughter grow up worldly instead of with the good character traits of an Amish child, she begins to desire her old life, but cannot dishonor her marriage.
Rose is a good, obedient Amish girl who joined the church early to prove to her parents that she will not fall prey to the English world as her sister Hen did. Rose has her eye on one Amish boy but finds herself drawn to Nick, her best friend. Nick’s rebellious ways baffle Rose, but she is still drawn to a connection she has with him and the desire to see him happy.
Both sisters know their decisions could have large consequences, but their desires to be happy and to make others happy weigh heavily on their hearts. Will they both be able to have the desires of their heart without hurting others?
This book kept my interest throughout and was difficult to put down when I needed too. Beverly Lewis’s books always put you there in the lives of the characters. I actually took a trip to Lancaster County while I was reading this book and I could imagine Rose and Hen living there in one of the beautiful farms I saw. I definitely recommend this book and look forward to reading about what happens next.

This book was free from the publisher. Thanks so much!!

Inspirational Zingers Jumble

In this collection, author Christopher Hudson brings inspirational words and phrases to those who love word puzzles.  The collection of puzzles has included: 

  • Jumbles
  • Double Jumbles
  • Mystery Person Jumbles
  • Word Search Jumbles
  • Super Jumbles
  • Criss-Cross Jumbles
For those not familiar, jumbles consist of puzzles where the words are mixed up. As you solve each word, certain letters are highlighted.  Those letters then are unscrambled again, solving a question or quote for the overall puzzle.  

In this case, each word and overall puzzle are Christian-based.  It is a welcome addition to one of my favorite word puzzle types.

There are only two complaints that I have for the book and neither is related to its content.  The first is with regard to the paper.  I prefer to use a fine point Pilot pen, and the ink bled through the paper.  Paper with slightly higher quality would help prevent this.  And the second issue is that it isn’t long enough!  Which, in thinking of it, makes it a good problem to have!

I would certainly welcome more editions of this book!  Well done!

This book was provided free of charge as a review copy. The publisher had no editorial rights or claims over the content or the conclusions made in this review. No payment was provided in return for this review. 

Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Sixteen women set out west on a train, under false pretenses, to make a new life for themselves. They all have a past which they are trying to run from or leave behind. What they don’t know is what or who is waiting for them once they get there.
This book was not a favorite of mine. It took me quite a while to get into the book and then it held my interest. I realized half way through the book that the name for this book was, in my opinion, not a good title. There are only sixteen women through the first five chapters of the book and then it narrows down to six women. And those first five chapters where confusing because of the so many female characters. Once the number of characters narrows down and you can start focusing on their stories and the townspeople’s stories, then you start settling in and enjoying the story line. The story is fairly predictable with a couple of shockers to keep your interest. I did love the determination of the six women to accomplish some independence. Overall, this book would be a good book to borrow from a friend for a weekend read.

This book was free from the publisher.

Somewhere to Belong by Judith Miller

I love Judith Miller and she doesn’t disappoint in this captivating book. This story is about two young women and their search for where God wants them to be. This is one of those life lessons we all go through and continue to learn even as we get older and wiser. The story takes place in a devout Christian community in Amana, Iowa. Johanna ( love the name, but only because it is my eldest daughter’s name) has grown up in Amana her whole life, but is fascinated by the outside world and wants to go discover what keeps her older brother from moving back to Amana. She is an exceptional daughter and member of her community. She believes strongly in what she has learned as a Christian growing up, but a family secret rattles her to the core. Will she be able to overcome what she has learned and find her path?
Berta is used to high society in Chicago, but her parents decided to move to Amana and she is greatly upset. She does not want to work hard or follow the rules given to her. Johanna is assigned to teach her how to behave and how to act. Can Johanna’s gently ways guide Berta or will a shocking discovery in her life send her down a path of destruction? Will Berta find some peace in her life?
This was a great book. I was highly interested in the life style of the villages in Amana and was caught up in the two girls and their stories. I spent a very relaxing Mother’s Day weekend reading this delightful story. This looks to be a series and I am looking to forward to the next book.
This book was a free book from the publisher.

Radical Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream by David Platt

I was reading the first chapter of this book and was interrupted while doing it. The whole time I was taken away from the book, I kept thinking about what the author was talking about and I couldn’t wait to get back to the chapter! I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book and sharing it with others. Especially my pastor. If you are interested you can request a free copy of the companion book The Radical Question at:

You can also check out the first chapter, like I did, at:

Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate

Kai Miller and Donetta Bradford are two women with different lives, but a terrible hurricane in Texas will join them together for the rest of their lives. Kai is young, free spirited and teaches dancing on a cruise ship. Donetta is in the prime of her life, has a sweet southern personality, is in a disappointing marriage and is looking for adventure. A life and death situation binds them together and they ride out a hurricane evacuation together which lands them both in Daily, Texas, Donetta’s home town, with a group of church evacuees. This event changes their lives and effects their personal lives forever. Will Kai be able to accept who she is and let someone love her for her? Will Donetta be able to live with what her future holds for her marriage? This book was not one of my favorites. There were many times in the book where I read quickly through a section because I felt the author had already talked about that part of the story line. This caused the book to drag out more. There were some exciting parts and the ending does not end exactly how I thought it would go. There are also some good lessons in the book about controlling our behavior around people who are difficult to deal with. I would recommend this book for an easy read when you have the time.

This book was a free copy from the publisher.

Not a Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols

Mary Bridget Washburn is a young woman who has made some wrong choices in her life and needs to escape. She is able to get away from immediate trouble, but she has to live a life in fear and withdrawal. She knows she needs to break free, but will she be able to? Alasdair MacPherson is a pastor at a well established church, writes for a magazine, gives talks at seminars and has a radio program. However, behind this facade, his world is falling apart after the death of his wife and the devastation of learning that the church elders are unhappy with his work and want him to quit. Mary and Alasdair’s paths cross and the story takes an amazing journey through two lives looking for healing and redemption. This story was inspiring. I love the constant weaving of God’s truth and promises throughout the book. I enjoyed being reminded that once we are God’s children, He will not forsake us. I would highly recommend this well written, inspiring book.

This book was a free copy from the publisher.

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