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Ex Heroes by Clines

Here’s something I’ve never read before: a zombie novel. With super heroes. How this wasn’t a thing before this book series was written I’ll never understand!

Ex Heroes
Ex Series 1
By Peter Clines
Broadway Books
February 2013

The novel takes place in Hollywood. Heroes have turned a movie lot into a safe base for the civilians they have found since the start of the plague. Saint George, a superman who can also breath fire, along with several other heroes find that they aren’t just fighting against hoards of zombies, but against a large gang run be a [SPOILER] super powered civilian. As life and death hangs in the balance will our intrepid heroes find a way to survive? Tune in next week, true believers, to find out!

Or something. Yeah, it’s a serial pulp comic book zombie mash up. But it’s also fun and kept my interest as I flew through it. Will I read the next one? Yeah, when it’s on sale. Why not?

There is some sexuality, but nothing graphic. Some cussing that may be inappropriate for younger readers. It’s not very scary except for the zombies. Probably a late teen and older book for fans of both genres.

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The Collapsing Empire by Scalzi

The Interdependency is a galaxy wide coalition of systems run by a central system where an Empero leads the government, trade guilds, and church. Each system is dependent on the others and not self sufficient – on purpose to ensure they work together. But when the Flow (which I couldn’t help but envision the East Australian Current from Finding Nemo,) that is used to travel to each of the systems because they are too far to get to otherwise, starts to collapse the new Empero faces the very real possibility of the extinction of humanity.

The Collapsing Empire
By John Scalzi
Tor Books
March 2017

The book is filled with interesting characters with varying goals and a ton of intrigue. Guild leaders focus on profits and power, the church focuses on control (of course,) and then the is the reluctant Empero who doesn’t want power but may be the best person in that role since she actually cares. The story is fast paced with a well developed Flow dependent universe. And since it’s the first book, the are quite a lot of unresolved issues to keep the reader intrigued.

Scalzi writes the humor that I expect from him. But unlike other books I’ve read, especially his amazing, award winning Redshirts, this book is chaulk full of cuss words and sex. The F word is in every sentence of some characters and at times overwhelming. The sexuality is common place and consequence free. Not really what I was expecting.

Will I read the next book? Maybe. If I do, it will definitely be on headphones.

Scott Asher is the Editor-in-Chief of and a believer, a husband, a dad, a geek, an artist, a gamer, a teacher, a learner and tired.

Video Game Plotline Tester by Atamanov

Timothy needs a job. He’s good at MMORPGs. So when the biggest VR online role playing game advertised “tester” jobs, he saw a perfect fit. And it was in so many ways.

Video Game Plotline Tester
Dark Herbalist 1
by Michael Atamanov
Magic Dome Books
January 2017

He is given the job by the corporation of playing as a rare combination of race and job and then blogging (with video) how to play as that character. His combo? A goblin herbalist. Not exactly a great combo. Furthermore, he can never change it. Even if he quit the job. Timothy makes it work, along with the help of his sister, who also plays, and soon finds that he is making a ton of money and rising in stature at the company. He also moved out of the slums, and has an incredibly attractive (and important company programmer) interested in him. Everything he does works out for him. Every. Thing.

And that’s the weakest part of this book. It’s not the detail that only RPG games may understand. It’s not the plot, which goes almost no where. It’s that everything works out. This book is like a dream the author had about a game he played. In that dream, he got everything he wanted: some online personality, money, stature, the girl. It’s just too much success to be believable.

Still, it’s fun. It’s fun to imagine the same things happening to a character I’m playing. This is a series that has three books so far and I’m most likely going to read the others. Completely for fun. With my brain peacefully at rest.

Scott Asher is the Editor-in-Chief of and a believer, a husband, a dad, a geek, an artist, a gamer, a teacher, a learner and tired.

Fortune Red by Scudiere

This is Mia’s Story!

Fortune Red
A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink
April 2018

Mia’s world was unfolding. Her daughter Fortune was missing. She had just learned her husband had been unfaithful multiple times and they were cold stone broke. Eric had lost all their money.

FBI Agents were everywhere – taking control of her home. She and Eric had to take a lie detector test. As if they would ever harm their precious Fortune. Mia was literally falling apart and her husband wasn’t helping .

Dr. Angela Vincent, Fortune’s doctor, had come to help Mia. Mia was learning things about her daughter she had never heard before. Why was Dr. Vincent saying she was a ‘medical miracle’ saving other children’s lives and must be found safe and unharmed. She even had Fortune’s fingerprints. Why!

Mia received a letter from Fortune stating she was on an adventure, having fun with her new friend and would return home soon. This, at least, gave Mia hope. But as time passed, without any new leads, the FBI were pulling out, but would keep the case open.

Mia took matters in her own hands. She would hire a Private Investigator and find her daughter. She soon learns information about her marriage and the adoption of her daughter that sent Mia reeling. Dr. Angela Vincent is not the person she appears to be. She is hiding something. Records reveal she has been deceased long before Fortune was born. How can this be as she has been Fortune’s doctor for years.

After ten days, Fortune is home – safe and unharmed. She has had a wonderful adventure, has much to tell her parents, and lots and lots of pictures. She has a new friend she calls her ‘first daddy’ . She also has a new family.

Everything had changed for Mia, but she was actually happy. She had gotten her daughter back. She had found her FORTUNE!!

AJ has done it again. Fortune Gray and Fortune Red are two intriguing, well written books that tell a story of heartaches, betrayal and a parent’s love for their child.

I recommend you read Fortune Gray first.
I highly recommend both books to all readers. You will throughly enjoy them as I did.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

This book was provided by the publisher for review.

Fortune Gray by Scudiere

This is Rafe’s Story.

Fortune (Gray)
By A. J. Scudiere
Griffyn Ink
April 2018

[SPOILERS] Rafe’s world would never be the same. Today he had buried his wife and twin daughters. To forget, he had crawled into the bottom of a bottle. Getting sober after several years, he began questioning exactly what had happened on that fatal day. One minute Sarah was alive and the next minute she was gone. The doctor had told them the twins had serious medical problems and needed many surgeries. Dr. Angela Vincent had taken the girls away and he never saw them again.

Sarah has an open casket, but the girl’s were closed. Why two? Why were they not put in with Sarah? Why were their caskets closed? He needed answers. Thus began Rafe’s journey.

First stop was the cemetery. What a shocker. The tiny caskets were empty. Where were his daughters? After three long years of extensive research he had some answers. Today was the day he had waited so long for.

News Report: Fortune Flores, an 8 year old girl, has been kidnapped from her front yard.

She came to him, unafraid, carrying a small suitcase, and with a smile. Hi Rafe – where are we going? On an adventure, he replied, closing the car door.

And what an adventure they had. For ten daya he enjoyed spending time with his daughter. Trips to many zoos, eating pancakes, living in cheap motels, and pictures. Lots and lots of pictures to fill her Adventure Book. Changing their appearance and staying under the radar. He couldn’t let the FBI find them before it was time to take her home.

He never doubted for a minute that this beautiful, intriguing girl was his daughter. But which one – Julie Bell or Ashley Claire – or a combination of both? After all, they were identical twins.

Their time was over. Time to see Fortune safely home.

Several days later two alleged FBI Agents were waiting for him. They had found him. Just as he recognized Dr. Angela Vincent, he heard a pop, felt the searing burst of heat. He had been shot.

They thought he had lost, but he had won. He had found his FORTUNE!!!

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

This book was provided by the publisher for review.

One Second After by Forstchen

The title refers to what might happen immediately after an attack on America by an Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon. While I enjoy a good post apocalyptic story I don’t like how realistic this book is. At all.

One Second After
by William R. Forstchen
Forge Books
March 2009

The story follows a family in a small community in North Carolina. The father is a retired colonel (of course), and he has his mother-in-law and two daughters to keep safe when everything our current world runs on stops. Suddenly we are 100 years in the past technologically but no one knows how to use 100 year old technology. [SPOILERS] So what happens? 80-90% of the United States population dies. In one year. Consider that everything from housing, to medicine, to communication, to food and drink all rely on electricity. Take that away and you have a world with population groups that can’t sustain themselves and sick people who can’t get medicine and weather that can’t be mitigated. It’s horrifying!

Newt Gingrich provides the forward explaining that this may be a work of fiction but is based on real threats. If this book is even half right about what may happen and how easy it may be to bring America to it’s knees, then this kind of attack could result in the deaths of millions of Americans. I’m not sure how much had changed since publication if this book, (2009,) but I sincerely hope that or government has prepared in some way. I realize how that sounds, but what else can I do but hope?

Scott Asher is the Editor-in-Chief of and a believer, a husband, a dad, a geek, an artist, a gamer, a teacher, a learner and tired.

All Things Bright And Strange by Markert

The people of Bellhaven, South Carolina have discovered a mysterious Chapel in the woods. Visiting the chapel gave them a sense of a little slice of heaven and peace they had never known before. They were able to talk with their deceased loved ones and knew they were forgiven. This is not heaven but a living hell.

All Things Bright And Strange
by James Markert
Thomas Nelson
January 2018

Ellsworth Newberry, before the war, had always been the town’s unspoken leader. Losing his wife, part of his leg, his dream of being a major league pitcher and what he had gone through in the war fighting the Germans had seriously damaged him. He had become a recluse and never left his house. He had even contemplated suicide. But, he too, had succumbed to the lure of the chapel.

The more the people visited the healing floor of the chapel, the more they became addicted and it was the only thing that they could think of. They must visit as frequent as possible because this is the only way they had any peace. However, something was happening. The people were changing and becoming destructive. They were turning against each other, destroying property and even attempted murder. Something very evil was taking place.

The cracks from the supernatural around the chapel were widening. Evil forces – demons -were emerging. Finally becoming aware of what was happening, Ellsworth knew he had to pull himself together, let go of his fears and take charge. If he couldn’t rally the people and destroy the chapel, the close-knit town he loved would be destroyed.

He and the town people must come up with a plan to destroy the chapel and contain the demons. Does he have the strength to accomplish this, overcome his own demons, or would he simply standby and await their fate.

The people soon came to realize that evil can come in the most beautiful of forms.

A very enthralling novel capturing the hopes of people who desperately needed it. I liked the book, but had an uneasy feeling while reading it. Would recommend for adult readers only.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

Unhinged by Schroeder

Tori Radnor has made an enemy. A deadly enemy.

Unlikely #1
JB Schroeder
Self Published
May 2016

Tori runs a replacement service for homeless adults and teenagers. One of her main goals is to get her clients placed in Miller Markets located in the Poconos. After finally scoring a break by placing two clients in the market, her future is looking brighter and UpStart is off and running. Then all hell breaks loose. Someone is targeting she and her people causing serious damage.

Aidian Miller, owner of Miller Markets, is facing a turning point in his life. His employees are being harassed, Tori’s office and car has been vandalized, his store is part of a well-established drug ring, his office manager has become unreliable. If that’s not of enough of a problem, the store is not producing a profit and living up to its potential. These are complications he doesn’t need. He just wants out.

The villain’s taunts are escalating. Tori is afraid and fears for her life. Aidian isn’t sure if one of his employees is doing this or if his old stalker is back.

Luke, Tori’s son, is missing and if she doesn’t come to the store, her enemy is going to kill him. Tori it’s trapped in the store’s meat section with a psycho determining to kill both she and Luke without a band saw.

Will Aidian or anyone arrive in time to save them before it all becomes UNHINGED!!!

Loved the book. Highly recommend it to readers that are looking for an intriguing well written story.

This is my first time reading Ms. Schroeder’s books, but looking forward to reading many more in the future.

Mary Asher, the Golden Reviewer, is a founding book blogger for and has generously provided this review. She describes herself as “an 88 year young great-grandmother and an avid reader.”

Hell Divers by Smith

In the near future, the surface of the earth is decimated by nuclear war and the only refuge for humanity are floating fortresses created to drop those same bombs that made the surface uninhabitable. Now, 250 years later, humanity clings to life on just two remaining fortresses, Aries and the Hive. The ships are kept afloat by sending Hell Divers to the irradiated surface on suicide drops for supplies and replacement parts.

Hell Divers
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
Blackstone Publishing
January 2017

Each ship is a world unto itself but when there are only two ships in the world and the total population of humanity is less than a thousand souls the Hive is obligated to respond to a distress call from Aries even though it’s coming from ground zero of the apocalypse, a place called Hades where no diver has ever returned from. It’s up to X, the longest tenured diver on the Hive, and his team to find the parts necessary to keep humanity from going extinct. To make matters worse, X finds out that he isn’t the only thing alive on the surface.

I found this to be very similar to Metro 2033 in both the cramped home of humanity as well as the irradiated surface and “other” obstacles. It even ends in a similar way. Not the same, but reminiscent. No spoilers.

X is a typical tough guy hero who has survived against all odds – at least until this new threat shows up. The other characters are vaguely interesting, but it’s all about what happens on the surface. This is a popcorn book, filled with action and suspense, adrenalin and fun. X-pect that and you’ll have a great time. I enjoyed it and will probably pick up book 2 in the future.

Scott Asher is the Editor-in-Chief of and a believer, a husband, a dad, a geek, an artist, a gamer, a teacher, a learner and tired.

Up From Slavery by Washington

Booker was born a slave on a plantation in Alabama. He died the president of a university and one of the most celebrated men in America.

Up From Slavery
by Booker T. Washington

This is a fascinating autobiography by an important fight in American history! The first few chapters, especially, give a history of the end of slavery and the first 25 years after emancipation from the perspective of a former slave that are indispensable! Later chapters focus more on Washington’s accolades and the growth of Tuskegee University and aren’t as interesting, except for certain events.

This is a book worth reading and one all Americans should read for the history and also Washington’s attitude and philosophy, which I think still matters: educate yourself, gain skills, work hard. Rise up.

Scott Asher is the Editor-in-Chief of and a believer, a husband, a dad, a geek, an artist, a gamer, a teacher, a learner and tired.