Candle Bedtime Bible by Williamson and Tappin

candleIf you read to your kids at bedtime you know that reading from the Bible can be hit or miss. What would really help would be short, bite sized Bible stories that start and end in a set time and are appropriate for your kids. This is that book.

Candle Bedtime Bible
Written by Karen Williamson
Illustrated by Christine Tappin
October 2013

This “Bible” is set up in stories that are supposed to be read in 3, 5, or 10 minutes each. There is a directory of the stories included and it is a snap to get right to the story you want. Each story is clearly labeled for length as well. There are over 40 stories from the Bible and all the stories are easy to understand with direct references. The illustrations are very well done.

But not everything is rosy. First, unless you are a speed reader or reading without engaging your kids there is no way you finish these stories in the time frame allotted. It is more like 6, 10, and 20 minute stories. It’s not a big deal but the idea was to get in and out in a set time. If you expect to get through a 3 minute Bible story you will be disappointed (and, really, should you be done with a story in 3 minutes?) Besides, this time expectation doesn’t include discussion time, which is necessary.

Second, everyone is peach colored. I know that some modern Jews have light skin but that is because they were European immigrants. Historical Middle Eastern people have more olive or light brown skin. Is it so bad that we let our children see that Jesus was light brown?

This is a nice bedtime Bible story collection with a couple issues. Still worth your time though.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.