Sydney’s D.C. Discovery by Jean Fischer

Publisher info: Sydney and Elizabeth are on-site in the nation’s capital when odd happenings occur at the Vietnam Memorial. The Camp Club Girls jump into action. They use their special skills to tackle an adventure that leads them not only to Baltimore’s Ft. McHenry, but also to the heart of a terrorist travesty! Can they decipher the clues and save the president before the dawn’s early light?

Sydney’s D.C. Discovery
Camp Club Girls
by Jean Fischer
Barbour Books
January 2010

Sydney’s DC Discovery is number two in the series of the Camp Club Girls. In this book Sydney and Elizabeth find out that strange things are happening at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The other girls keep in touch and help out because they all saved up and bought web cameras. Kate, being a genius and all, made the website they went on to talk to each other and put a secret password that only the girls know. Elizabeth’s uncle came to visit some friends in D.C. so Elizabeth came with him to visit Sydney. They follow men named Moose and Rusty around D.C. and try to find out who their boss, the Professor, is.

When Sydney and the girls think it might be Beth’s (the girls call Elizabeth, Beth) uncle she is very upset and doesn’t talk to Sydney for a while after defending him. They soon realize that it can’t be Beth’s uncle and they save President Meade. Sydney runs as fast as she can and saves the day.

I would tell you what/who she was running with but I do not want to ruin the surprise and the book. I thought that this book was even better than the first book Mystery at Discovery Lake!

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.