Calico Spy by Brownley

CalicoCan a Sheriff and Pinkerton agent work together to catch an elusive murder and work out their feeling for each other.

Calico Spy
Undercover Ladies #3
by Margaret Brownley
Shiloh Run Press
January 2016

Katie Madison, a Pinkerton operative, is sent undercover as a waitress to Calico Kansas. Her new assignment is to investigate the murder of two Harvey House restaurant waitresses . Branch Whitman as the town’s sheriff is mad at the fact that a Pinkerton is sent to solve the case. He is stunned at the fact that the beautiful waitress that frequents his thought is the Pinkerton operative sent to help. When a secret from the past threatens to tear away what the sheriff holds dear he must decide to trust Katie or risk losing it all. As they face challenges together they can feel the growing attraction between them and don’t seem to know what to do about it. Will they be able to work together and catch the elusive murderer and figure out their feelings for each other?

The Calico Spy is the third book in the Undercover Ladies series. I really enjoyed this book. Once I started it I had a hard time putting it down. I loved the vivid description that brought the story to life. The descriptions of the waitress protocol had me cringing and feeling sorry for Katie while laughing during the funny parts. It had me guessing what was going to happen throughout the whole book. The characters and their antics were very refreshing. The author wove the western, mystery and romance elements beautifully. I would highly recommend this book to historical romance lovers or someone who loves a good mystery. I will definitely read the rest of the series.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.