Bound For Glory by Tim R. Botts

I feel I need a paint brush to help you understand the contents of this book. Starting with the front cover, your senses will be enlivened with vibrant art, and it doesn’t stop there. Each and every single page of this book is alive with beautifully painted scriptures, African American Spirituals and hopeful phrases.

Bound For Glory
Celebrating the Gift of African American Spirituals through Expressive Calligraphy
Tim R. Botts
Tyndale House
October 2011

Inspiration and history flow from these pages. Never would you expect such a vivid display of creativity when expressing a very painful past. But hopefulness has been captured in a way that comes alive. A window has been opened for you to now see instead of hear the emotion in the Spirituals that were and are still sung among this most expressive culture.

En-capturing the ‘God who delivers’, this Spirit-filled collection of colorful calligraphy is sure to help you see how the afflicted can still give their Jesus praise in the midst of trials. Reflections of the past and thoughts for the present and future, dot almost every page, making this not only a beautifully crafted piece of art, but a delightful read. No colors were spared, no amount of emotions left out. This book is an explosion of vibrant history!

I really enjoyed looking through this book. And while I can say it doesn’t pertain to my personal history, it is intriguing and insightful nonetheless. It’s amazing to see the amount of detail and emotion the artist put into each of his paintings. This would make a really great coffee table book. It’s expressive and colorful, and it appealed largely to my creative side.

Whether it will be familiar to you because it’s a part of your history and culture, or simply because, like me, you love to learn and be exposed to peoples from every walk of life, you will find this book very pleasing and well done.

Heather Ring says that books are her plane ticket into another world, “I’d feel lost with out them. Reading is a part of me. However I am also an avid lover of the outdoors and pouring into my creative outlets. But I think my biggest passion, is spending time with my family and friends.”

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.