Beer – A Cookbook

Normally, I don’t review books like this but this is such a cool book!

Beer – A Cookbook
Good Food Made Better with Beer
Adams Media
May 2012

It is in the shape of a beer can (only much larger) and is made like a board book, like for kids, meaning that it is not only a cool cookbook that gives many fun recipes but it also looks cool and will be cool to open. Unlike many cookbooks, this one is tailor made to be a gift. And if you have a beer lover in the family this book is for you.

As for the recipes: there are some that you will no doubt recognize if you’ve been to some of the more creative bar & grills, but some are tantalizingly new. Take for instance the Chocolate Stout Lava Cake or the Best Corn Ever which utilize beer to bring something extra to already tasty dishes. Something that I found helpful was that the recipe may call for a type of beer, but the details may give an example of that beer helping those of us not in the know on the many, many types of beer available. I also liked that the recommendations are clearly not favoring one brand over the others so this doesn’t seem like a marketing ploy.

Overall, a fun book for those who want to cook with beer themselves or who are looking for a great gift for your beer loving friends.

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This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.