B is for Bufflehead by Steve Hutchcraft

I read through B is for Bufflehead with my four year old son and was surprised to find that it kept his attention throughout. I expected him to get antsy with only pictures of birds and too many words for him to follow along with me. That is the beauty of this book: the photos are amazing. The birds in this book are so exotic that you can’t help but to stare in wonder and then turn the page in anticipation.

However, it seems to me that the publisher let this author down. The pages look like they were put together with graphics from the early 2000’s; it looks cheap. I know that this is independent, but the package disappoints.

Also, once we’d seen the cool bird pictures, there just wasn’t much incentive to go read the book again. Like curiosities in a circus: one time was enough.

I liked the book and I want to encourage it’s purchase if only to support work like this, but the package was amateur, and the re-read value was low.

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