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Never Let You Go by Erin Healy

Lexi Solomon is no stranger to tragedy.  After her older sister is murdered, Lexi’s family fell apart.  Her father retreated into his own mind, her mother disappeared to a new travel writer career, and her husband left.  Now, seven years later, the murderer is up for parole, an old “friend” has come back to stir the pot, and her husband is  back on town.  From these beginnings, Erin Healy weaves a tale of intrigue and suspense, forgiveness and redemption.

I wish that I could say that she was able to weave this tale cohesively.  I was several chapters in before I was able to wrap my brain around what happened with the main characters.  The story switched back and forth in rapid succession and most of those story lines were left incomplete.  The story went back to those lines but didn’t pick up where they left off.  In the end, I just didn’t get it.  I understood the meaning she was attempting to convey (the classic tale of good vs evil where humans are used as pawns in this cosmic chess match), I just didn’t care for the method used to convey it. 

I was looking for more in the way of character and story development.  I wanted to know more about these people and how they managed to end up as they did.  What drove them to the choices they made? How were they able to overcome the mistakes of the past to make new decisions?  How did they get to the path of love and forgiveness.  I know that the answer lies in God’s hands, I just wanted to see more of it in this novel.

As with any other book, I determine if I would recommend it based on how likely I am to read it again.  Sadly, this book doesn’t rate very high as I would probably not choose to read it another time.  I am sure there is more than I was able to glean from the story; I just never did.

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