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A spot, a fear, a lesson about unconditional love.

Audrey Bunny
Story by Angie Smith
Illustrations by Breezy Brookshire

B&H Kids
October 2013

Audrey Bunny had always wanted to be chosen as a child’s special friend.  Sadly, Audrey Bunny wasn’t perfect.  A small mark near her heart causes her to not be perfect for those who looked at her before.

And then Caroline appears.  Audrey Bunny thinks Caroline will also pass her by.  To her great surprise, Caroline chooses her as her special birthday gift.  Audrey Bunny and Caroline become the best of friends, but Audrey Bunny has a secret.  She tries to hide that smudge, because she knows that Caroline will not want her with this imperfection.

In the end, Caroline knew all along and loved Audrey Bunny anyway.

Angie Smith’s story is a wonderful example of the love God has for each of us.  We can try to hide our imperfections, but He already knew they existed and loves us in spite of, or maybe because of, them.  It’s set alongside beautiful illustrations that make this a FANTASTIC children’s book.

From an adult perspective, the story is cute.  The only issue I ran into was that some parts of the story don’t carry between pages, leaving me to flip back because I thought I missed something.  From a child’s point of view, my six year old son didn’t really notice.  He loved the pictures and understood the connection between the message of Audrey Bunny and how God views his children.

In the end, the value of a children’s book is not how an adult sees it, but how a child takes the message.   Smith’s book, coupled with Brookshire’s illustrations, ensured my child accepted and enjoyed the book overall.  And that’s the most important part.

Congrats to Laura M for winning her own copy of Audrey Bunny!!

Robin Gwaro is the Young Adult and Women’s Literature Editor at Her personal blog is Just Wandering. Not Lost. where she writes about whatever comes her way.

This book was provided by the publisher as a review copy.