An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser

This is a wonderful story of family loyalty, friendship, finding love and searching for your own path in life. Lucy, a dressmaker in New York, and Rowena, a socialite, become friends when Lucy helps her with her Newport wardrobe. Even though their social status doesn’t allow their friendship, Rowena devises a plan to get Lucy out to Newport and eventually Lucy’s younger sister, Sofia, and their mother. Rowena is troubled because of an arranged marriage. She wants to marry for true love but is not sure what true love feels like. Lucy listens and encourages as any friend would while she meets and falls in love with a man who is above her social class. She’s unsure of what her future holds with a man who should not marry her. Her sister, Sophia, finds common interest with a man and bonds quickly with him even though he is heir to family fortune and she is just a common seamstress. This story really captures your interest from beginning to end. I really had a hard time putting it down! I just couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next and if the girls were going to find happiness. This perfect love story also has a villain who is out for revenge. I truly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

This book was free from the publisher.